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Interview | Industry Legend Tommy Tallarico Talks About Video Games Live Coming To Miami For the First Time

Video Games Live producer Tommy Tallarico talks with us about the show coming to Miami for the first time and he has a message for gamers, skeptics, and the people of Miami.

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Spider-Man: Edge of Time – Interview With Executive Producer Brant Nicholas

In anticipation of Beenox’s next endeavor with Spidey, I was able to pass a few questions by Brant Nicholas, executive producer at Beenox to find out a little bit more on the newest Spider-Man game, Spider-Man: Edge of Time, before its launch next week. I was able to find out more details on the story, maps and environment, costume and rewards unlocks, fan-service, and even the possibility of multiplayer in future Spider-Man games(?). Plus Nicholas gave his thoughts not only on Edge of Time but comic book games in general. Read the full interview including some of the questions that you all (our readers) submitted

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A Whole New Ball Game – FIFA 12 Interview With Producer David Rutter

Just hours away from its annual release, I got the chance to interview FIFA 12’s producer David Rutter for GamerXChange. Quite frankly, FIFA soccer has played a pivotal role in my love for video games. Even though I didn’t play FIFA all those years, I find myself eager to know more about the development process […]

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It’s On FIRE – NBA JAM: On Fire Edition Interview With Cody Sawatsky

Days away from its return to center stage, I got the chance to interview NBA JAM On Fire Edition producer, Cody Sawatsky. Given the state of the NBA these days, and with the upcoming release of the much anticipated NBA 2K12, it should be interesting to see what card does EA has up its sleeve. […]

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