GamerXChange Says, "Good-Bye"

It has been almost four years since GamerXChange launched. In those short years, GamerXChange has grown and has helped me along with those who have been part of my staff blossom and evolve along with it. This experience all started out as an experiment and I really didn’t know what I was getting into; But I learned. I learned the struggles and I learned the blessings. I saw GamerXChange go from nothing to something people actually payed attention to. The journey has been long and arduous. Now the journey is over.

If you were one of my few regulars who visited GamerXChange, you no doubt noticed that the site hasn’t been updated much this year, especially within the past few months. There are many reasons for that: My personal life, health, work, and new opportunities. It all boiled down to time and effort with little payoff. I used to enjoy writing and gaming but then it turned into a chore. I lost my passion but also realized the reason why. GamerXChange was supposed to be a fun thing that I did in my spare time but I got caught up in the fast-paced and time-consuming video games blogging and journalism lifestyle. I lost sight of what I originally wanted and with that, I lost my passion.

After taking some time off and reflecting on my experiences over the years, I realized something. I realized that I didn’t have to stop writing and enjoying games. What I had to do was stop conforming. I had to stop doing what everyone else was doing and find my own path. This is what I will do.

So yes, it comes down to the point where I along with all of GamerXChange must say, “Good-bye.” With one chapter closed in my life, another will open; a brighter one. I have learned so much over these years. These experiences will carry over with me on my new projects that I hope you continue to support me in.

GamerXChange was a great thrill ride. While there were certainly many low points for the site, there were tons of highlights too. Through this site, I along with those who stuck with me made bonds inside and outside the gaming industry. We were able to work hard and attain goals such as going to events like NYCC, E3, and more. Individuals who have worked with GXC have used it as a stepping stone to get employed in other areas of online blogging and journalism, or to even expand their own personal brands. These are experiences and accomplishments I will not soon forget and I plan on adding more in the future, but just not with GamerXChange.

GamerXChange is done. I will not be updating the site anymore or its social media outlets after this last post. I will still have an archive on There you’ll be able to check out the legacy GXC has left behind.

So let me take this time to say, “thank you,” to all of you who have helped me work on the site. Those who have contributed. Those who have given me emotional support. To those partners whether publishers or developers who have worked with GXC, and finally to the most important people: You, my visitors and readers. Thank you and good-bye.


“Simply G”

Founder and Editor-In-Chief GamerXChange 01/2011 – 10/2014.

[update] Please Note: Because the content of this site was imported from another host, all original authors have erroneously been erased and set to default, “Simply G” due to limitations. Not all articles were written by “Simply G.”  Because these original authors did not have accounts with this archive, they could not be credited in their respective articles. However, I would like to take the time to thank and note some of the most active contributors on GamerXChange:

Sean “SleeplessColin” Comer


Jalen Bell

Damien Munoz


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