Freedom Wars Hands-On Preview

The PlayStation Vita needs new exclusive software and if you weren’t looking close enough, you might have missed the fact that E3 2014 had a nice handful of them. One of the upcoming exclusive titles to the PlayStation Vita that might get a bit of hype is Freedom Wars. Although the game wasn’t featured at PlayStation’s E3 conference, it was on the show floor. I was able to get some hands-on time with the game and it’s still one of my most anticipated games, not only for the Vita, but for the year.

Announced last year by PlayStation Japan, Freedom Wars is now being localized in North America later this year. The game takes place in the future, where the earth is in ruins and resources have become scarce. Due to this fact, penal communities have formed in order to survive. These communities are known as Panopticons and people battle to secure what precious few resources remain.

But that’s not all, because these are penal communities, everyone is born into incarceration and you are forced to fight for your freedom in these dangerous missions. The game features up to eight player co-op where you fight to rescue civilians in possession of valuable rival Panopticon knowledge. Complete your missions, reduce your sentence, earn your freedom.



Key Features:

  • Co-operative online combat with up to 8 players.
  • Intense blend of action, shooter, and strategy gameplay created in collaboration between studios Shift and Dimps.
  • Select the city you represent and help your city rise in the global ranks as you battle users from other cities and countries.
  • Customize your fighter’s appearance, class and weapons.

The demo I played in the Only On PlayStation lounge at E3 featured the basics of the game. I joined up with a PlayStation representative (who happens to be one I know from Miami) and played a bit of 2-player co-op. On this mission, we did what seems to be the general basis of the game – fight some monsters, bots, and other foes, save civilians from these monsters, transport them back to the safe zone, and repeat.

The combat was interesting and fun. The character I played as had a gun and blade as his weapons main weapons. Various types of grenades were also equipped. Evidently, there will be a lot of different weapons to choose from in the final game. Depending on the fighting mode I was in, I could either shoot the enemies with my semi-automatic weapon, or use a sort of vine grip to latch on to enemies, then perform other attacks on them with my blade. Every playable character has this vine whip of sorts and when everyone uses them together, it can help to bring down the biggest monsters and finish them off with various combos.  After defeating the large monsters, a civilian would appear. One of us would have to pick up the civilian and run back to a spot that would keep them safe.

Overall, the gameplay was pretty fun and exciting, especially when you are joined by a friend. One of my few concerns about the game included the running and camera controls. While holding down the “X” button to run, it’s a little difficult to control the camera which is controlled by the right analog stick. The PlayStation rep indicated that although I was not able to do so at the demo kiosk, I would be able to customize or choose alternate control schemes in the final product. I am hopeful that this little problem can be fixed by that.

My other concern came from the fact that I didn’t really get an idea of how other missions were in the game. Although Freedom Wars seems to be a story driven title, between the description of the game and the demo I played, I’m worried that there will not be much of a variation of the type of missions that we are given.

Still, Freedom Wars looks great and has a lot of potential to be one of the Vita’s best titles of 2014. I’m looking forward to seeing more about the game leading up to its release. Freedom Wars is set to arrive on the PlayStation Vita Fall 2014.



One Response to “Freedom Wars Hands-On Preview”

  1. Don’t worry. There is plenty of variation. Apparently you also get to battle human opponents as part of the whole ‘warring panopticon’ thing they have going on.

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