Nintendo Smashes In With Huge Super Smash Bros. Information Update

Recently, Nintendo released a direct video about the new Super Smash Bros. games being released on the Nintendo 3Ds and Nintendo Wii U consoles – And they did not disappoint.



Not only were old favorites confirmed to return, but they come back stronger than before. Some with new Final Smash moves, and others losing some abilities to gain new ones. However, Nintendo didn’t fail to announce new members joining the Super Smash Bros. lineup as well.

And though they had appeared as parts of move sets; Sheik, Zero Suit Samus, and Charizard are now fully playable characters. As well, Greninja joins in, expanding the Pokemon selection.

Alongside announcing old and new fighters to the game, new features were brought to light. For instance, there are console exclusive stages (examples would be Arena Ferox for the 3DS and Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii U). That wasn’t all, as some of the stages will also feature a “Final Destination” alternative, to add variety.

But let’s not forget how much online play has changed as well. Two new modes–“For Fun” and “For Glory”–make playing against others online more interesting. “For Fun” allows users to fight against other online users “just for fun” and will still record your wins; whereas “For Glory” is more for competitive play and not only records your wins but your losses too. “For Fun” also picks any stage at random but “For Glory” only uses the Final Destination stage.

And if a user would like to know where they rank online, Nintendo has created an interesting system for that. Instead of using the usual ranking system, Nintendo has chosen to create a “Global Smash Power” one. What Global Smash Power means is that unlike being ranked on a basic number scale out of hundreds of thousands of millions of people, Nintendo has made it where the user’s ranking shows how much better they are compared to others. The higher the number, the stronger the user is to others.

Other new features being included are Master Balls in the Items, where they instead hold rarer and stronger Pokemon; custom moves, which allows users to create new moves for characters (however this feature can only be used locally); and exclusive to the 3DS version, Smash Run: a one to four player game mode where users enter a dungeon, collect power ups in five minutes, and then face each other on with their newly enhanced stats.

You can check out the challenger trailer and some new screens below:


Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3DS is expected to release this Summer whereas the Wii U version will be released in the winter.




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