Iwata: Nintendo to Cease Production of Wii U

In a move that came completely from the left field, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has announced that Nintendo will stop manufacturing the Wii U console immediately in order to cut costs and losses.* The letter to investors continues to note that software already in development by first and second parties will not be cancelled but will continue as scheduled. You can see the letter below in full both in the original Japanese (screenshot) and the roughly translated English version quoted below that:




Since the launch of the first Nintendo home console, the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1983, Nintendo has been offering unique and original entertainment products under the development concept of hardware and software integration. In the field of home entertainment, the video game industry is one of the few industries established in Japan that spread around the world, and Nintendo has established itself as a well-known brand truly representing video game culture throughout the world.

With our long history of dedication to the video game industry and fans worldwide, we regret to inform all of the immediate cease in production of our latest Nintendo console, the Wii U.

Due to financial struggles in that particular area of the company, we have felt it is best to cut costs and stop manufacturing the Wii U until further notice. This will in no way affect the development of first and second party games for the Wii U currently in development.

We appreciate all of the support our fans and investors have shown in our endeavors to continue to be innovators and creators leading the industry to new frontiers.

Our handheld – 3DS division, software, and other hardware will not be affected. Nintendo intends to make progress with the support and encouragement of its shareholders and investors.


So there you have it! The Wii U is no more! What’s next?! Sony’s dead handheld, the Vita?! How do you feel about this news? Sound off in the comments below!



* Please Note: This is a for fun satire and April Fools gag. This is in no way real. All images and supposed letters are not real. The link noted in the article does contain an actual letter from Nintendo’s president, but is on a completely different subject. GXC and its staff loves and own all of the gaming companies’ hardware and supports their games as much as possible. This is in no way to incite fanboy wars. We can all take a joke, can’t we?


10 Responses to “Iwata: Nintendo to Cease Production of Wii U”

  1. ilovegoogleglass Reply April 1, 2014 at 12:20 am

    Ha ha

  2. I sincerely HOPE we can all take a joke like this, but there are just some people out there that can’t be reasoned with and will take this as flame bait after only reading the header….
    As for me, I had a laugh.XD

  3. April muddafukin FOOLS!

  4. That was stupid. Not funny. Not clever. Just a waste and unnecessary.

  5. MMAANNNN??!! My heart stopped for a second there!! But I should have known the jokes and gags would be in full force today..

  6. trolllololol. trollolloll lol lol lolololllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll……
    Dum du du dum du de dum etc.

  7. You ruined it by pointing out that it was an aprils fools joke!

  8. This isn’t fun satire. Its just kicking someone when they’re down with something that isn’t likely but at least 1% plausible. Consider that you’re poking fun at an idea that would lead to hundreds (if not more) people losing their jobs. Also, its clickbait if I’ve ever seen it.

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