New Lazy Guys Studio Bundle Out!

If you’re a “bit of this, bit of that” kind of gamer who likes to try all sorts of different things, you might want to jump on over to Lazy Guys Studio and check out their new “Pure Light” bundle.

This just dropped today, and you can get 8 different games for only $1.99 (minimum). Of course, if you can, feel free to contribute more. This bundle is only available through 3/23/2014 (at 11:59 P.M.).

What PC games are in this bundle? The line up is as follows:

  1. Off-Road Drive
  2. Cid The Dummy
  3. Plain Sight
  4. Infinite Loop
  5. Robotriot: Hyper Edition
  6. Project APT
  7. Jimmy vs Zombies
  8. Sym


Off-Road Drive is a racing game featuring an off-road, intense racing experience.
Cid the Dummy tells the tale of a lone crash test dummy whose status has been elevated above what one might expect. If you’re into unique games, platformers, pathfinding, and puzzles, this game, also previously released on the PS2 &Wii might be for you.
Plain Sight is… well. It’s a multiplayer arcade style game complete with suicidal ninja robots.  You can fight with katanas, gather energy, and upgrade your robot to do even more awesome killing stunts.
Infinite Loop is a fast-paced brawler with a different spin. This arena features player characters who turn into computer viruses. You have to dodge lasers and stun/corrupt others in order to trap them.
Robotriot is a retro leveled game with multiple enemy models, tons of fire power, boss battles, power-ups, and ways to upgrade your weapons. It features an overall platforming style, but also boats some interesting hazards in its environment.
Project APT is point & click style game with a story driving it. The story? “He misses the family he left behind in old apartment. But now he is caged in his own apartment. Let’s end it here.”
Jimmy Vs Zombies combines combat with tower defense, playful visuals, and a metal musical score.It is meant to be played multiplayer, as the difficulty is a bit much without friends.  Save yourself from a zombie invasion!
In Sym, you get to experience the world of Josh. This unique character is in his teens and has another challenge on top of that – a social anxiety disorder. In this game, you explore how to overcome a phobia by conquering two personalities.

A lot of these games sound really interesting, I think. It’s definitely worth tossing $2 at if you like to change things up every now and then.

via: Metacritic, Lazy Guy Studios


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