PlayStation Wireless Headset Support for PS4 Coming Early 2014

With the record-breaking launch of the PlayStation 4 still fresh in our minds, Sony is still taking care of a lot of things behind the scenes – making sure that our PS4 experience is as complete as possible. One of the kinks that remains to be ironed out is the use of the official PlayStation wireless headsets.

While the system does come with a mono wired headset, to the dismay of many individuals, bluetooth and USB wireless headsets are not supported by the PlayStation 4 at this time. However, PlayStation has promised that the support is coming, and now we have a better idea of when.

In a live video chat for retail employees with PlayStation’s Director of Platform Marketing and Innovation, John Regala, we were made aware that PlayStation branded headsets (including the Stereo and Pulse Elite wireless headsets) will be coming in 2014. More accurately, John Regala said that the update that will enable these features will be available, “just after the first of the year.”

So for those of you who are itching to use your official PS headsets with your new PS4, you will have to wait just a little while longer in order to do so.

Sound off in the comments below: How are you enjoying your PS4 so far? Are you waiting to use your wireless headset? and is early 2014 too long to wait? Let us know!


14 Responses to “PlayStation Wireless Headset Support for PS4 Coming Early 2014”

  1. I’m excited. This headphone and camera will suffice for now.

  2. My Name is..LUCAASS! Reply November 21, 2013 at 5:02 pm

    does this mean wireless turtle beaches will work

    • For now, they have only confirmed that the official PlayStation headsets (or PlayStation branded headsets) will work with the upcoming update.

    • This sucks. I have a Jabra Revo Wireless headset that I really want to use, but it probably will never be supported wish I would have waited to buy a new console…. All my PS4 is doing is collecting dust :-

  3. Well good to know EVENTUALLY they will work. I loved how I can fully enjoy a cross chat game without disturbing the rest of the house. If they had released a set just for the PS4 I would’ve bought them, I think they missed out on an accessory sales opportunity…..big time!

  4. Looking forward to it.

  5. When they say wireless stereo headset do they mean this one?

  6. This is all wrong idk about you guys but the playstation branded headsets should’ve worked on release i’m only saying this because as an owner of the wireless headset made by PlayStation if you plug in the USB toggle into the PlayStation for it recognizes it which means that it should work

    • But insted it says this device it not suported so as a System network administrator knowing how os’s essentially work it means that they simple disabled the option to use those headsets within the software of the system

    • Which is totally outrageous. I feel more and more like my new shiny PS4 which I tracked down like a madman on nowinstock is robbing Peter to pay Paul. Slightly better graphics and more expansive maps- lose DLNA. Able to download while still playing a game and not constantly quitting one thing to do another- Lost any local personal media playback functionality. “Standby Mode”- Support for my Sony Wireless Stereo Headset is simply disabled.

    • Idk.. I’ve said it on a few other sites but it’s really how I feel: PS4 to me really is like PS3.5B. The menu is actually less organized in my opinion, and offers less. Microsoft actually invested in providing a real quality user interface to offer their customers. Just like we lost Flash (save the comments about it being on its way out and all that.) and have a browser that’s on par capability-wise with what I remember my dad’s cell phone having in the 90’s. A basic browser with a clunky forward/back, Java but no real functionality, etc. Also, IDK… I miss the days of really getting into what Sony was actually developing for their console. Remember how freaking exciting experiencing the groundbreaking Cell processor was? Geez, they said it’d do everything. And it was amazing. Best of all looking at it from today’s standpoint- It was developed specifically for the PS3, and so nothing could really be compared for it, and it was incredibly optimized. Now we have an x86 processor that is openly mid-range, and based on a freakin tablet processor. I honestly wouldn’t have minded paying even an extra hundred bucks, putting PS4 at the same price as Xbox One, if I could’ve felt like I was really getting something special, with some real special value… what’s sad is today, I don’t think Sony could have done that, even with the extra $100.

  7. only one question, WHEN will update come out? the day? its already early 2014

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