5 Things We Want In Dice's Star Wars Battlefront Game

Everyone who watched EA’s big E3 press conference got perhaps one of the biggest surprises of the event when a Star Wars Battlefront teaser was shown off for the first time. And while we didn’t see any actual footage or real information, it was definitely something Battlefront fans have been begging for since the last installment way back in 2005. We thought that it would be fun to list the top five things we’d like to see in the new Star Wars Battlefront game.

Before I get into what I’d like to see in the new Battlefront game, I figure it’s important to share my history with the series. My first online competitive game was the NFL 2K games on the Sega Dreamcast, but my first competitive shooter was Star Wars Battlefront 2 on the PlayStation 2 way back in 2005. That is where I got my first taste of clan gaming and competitive gaming. I would go on to form my own gaming clan, which still exists today, but most of the people I game with got their start on Battlefront as well. I think the fact that I paid for a rented Battlefront 2 server for years, got my start on competitive gaming with these games, and have enjoyed the series since its start, gives me a unique perspective.


The ability to customize your online characters is huge for shooters these days. We all want to feel like we have a unique character that’s just ours, even Call Of Duty has adopted this idea. Picking different armor types, different helmets and even different colors for our characters would go a long way in helping the next Star Wars Battlefront game become a place where online gamer’s want to spend a lot of time.

2.Keep it third person
One of the things I loved about the Star Wars Battlefront games is the fact that they didn’t sell out and go first person in a time when first person games were getting all of the attention. Now there was a way to switch the game into first person from the option menu, but the mechanics were pretty terrible that way. With Dice heading up the new game, my first reaction was that I definitely didn’t want Star Wars Battlefield, as I’m not a Battlefield fan at all. I want a more traditional third person Battlefront game, and I know I’m not the only one. I don’t mind if they add an option to use first person mode, but I feel like when games do that it adds an advantage over people in third person. I would like the fairest option for all, and definitely don’t want a Battlefield game re-skinned with Star Wars characters.

3.Four person co-op campaign
One of the best things about Battlefront 2 was the co-op campaign, I was able to go through the entire thing locally with my brother and it made for a much more interesting game. They could add in co-op online as well, but too few games offer co-op via local or split screen. Battlefront is a game that screams for a co-op campaign. Part of the fun of games like Halo or Gears Of War is gathering some buddy’s together and going through these campaigns as a team, and hopefully Dice realizes this and adds it in. I would also love for them to bring back a mode like Galactic Conquest and make that co-op as well, such an inventive game mode that I spent a ton of time with.

4.Ground to space battles
Star Wars Battlefront 2 had great ground battles, vehicle battles and even space battles, but I’d like to see a game where you can take a battle from the ground and move it to space. This was actually going to happen in Free Radical’s Star Wars Battlefront 3 game, we all saw the “leaked” footage and even though that particular tech died with them, if they were able to achieve that with last gen consoles, I’m sure Dice can work out something similar, if not better with the next gen consoles we’re about to get. Imagine an epic battle between clans that starts for a command post on the ground, but soon changes into an epic battle in flight, that is the Battlefront game I want to play.

5.At least 48 player competitive online multiplayer
Battlefront 2 had some epic 12 vs 12 battles, and fairly large maps for the era, but given that the series skipped this entire generation and wont be coming out until 2015, I think it’s not too much to ask for that we get larger maps, and larger battles. They could easily double up the amount of players from the last Battlefront game, and that would make for some epic Star Wars action.

Well there is the five things I’d like to see, of course there are a lot of other little things I’d like to see. The Jedi mode back, but with more maps, better hit detection, more classes and weapons, maps from the Clone Wars and a whole host of other things. What are some of the things you’d like to see in the new Battlefront game? Sound off on our comment section below, and may the force be with you.


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