When Will The Negativity Surrounding Xbox One Finally Stop?

We’ve all heard the jokes about the Xbox One, I mean who could forget the brilliant “Xbone” joke, or the current favorite “Xbox 180”? I mean whoever thought that one up clearly has an edge on everyone else when it comes to the intelligence department. The problem is that there comes a time when enough is enough, when every single topic about Xbox One is filled with trolls and hate I think it’s time to find something else to be angry about.

I know I can’t be alone in that I completely avoid gaming news sites these days, I just don’t like so much negativity around something I’m so passionate about, and I’m very passionate about video games. I actually had to take some time off from writing and a bit from gaming so that I could recharge a bit. Negativity has that affect on others, there is just a certain point in time when it brings you down. If you’re a fan of video games, how can you be so negative about something gaming related? I understand that Microsoft had a vision for gaming that upset a lot of the vocal minority on the internet, but did the Xbox One’s policies deserve as much negative press as it received? I don’t believe so, I mean people were so focused on hate that they didn’t take notice to any of the positives, or even try to see what Microsoft’s true intentions were, people might not have jumped the gun so quickly.


I will say that Microsoft dropped the ball with several things, including explaining themselves fully. I don’t understand how they could handle a thing like a new console reveal and not have everyone on the same page with what was going on. Microsoft was scattered at best, but if you read into what they were actually doing it was quite a step ahead of any other console. Microsoft was setting up a digital future, but a digital future where you can actually share your games with others. People hate having to swap discs, but like the physical media, so they figured out a way to keep physical discs for now, but you didn’t have to swap game discs out, you could literally switch from one game to another, or play a game while you wait for a lobby to set up on Call Of Duty or Halo. That idea was brilliant on a lot of different levels in my opinion.

I actually pre-ordered my Xbox One directly after E3, because after all I am a gamer and Microsoft showed the more interesting games in my opinion. I also like their vision for the future a bit better, the price while about $50 more than I would have liked, wasn’t enough to make me not want one. When you consider that Microsoft hasn’t put out a console in 8 long years, it’s easy for me to justify spending $499 on one now. I see Apple fans buying new iPad’s and iPhones every single year, now that to me is crazy and can’t be justified, but people can and are allowed to buy what they want with their own personal money, and shouldn’t be subjected to hate because of it.


Don’t get me wrong, Microsoft is prone to blunders, I am happy that they decided to open up their platform to indie developers. With the amount of studios going out of business it’s definitely a good thing that some of these small time operators can self publish on Xbox One, it’ll open an entirely new world for some gamer’s, and even if you’re not much of an indie game fan, you’ll enjoy the competition these guys have with one another, it makes for better games. I think instead of hating on Microsoft for changing courses, we should applaud them for actually listening to consumers, believe me, they are a big enough company with enough money to have stayed the course they were on and still be pretty successful, especially when it looks like a lot of those ideas will be forced on everyone next generation anyway.

I think with the invention of social media and just how big the internet has gotten, it’s easy to get caught up in the flavor of the money and hating on something, but Microsoft could have easily waited before correcting these issues, look at Sony and what they are offering with the PS4, it’s the polar opposite of the PS3, it almost comes across to me as an apology for the PS3 at times. If you ever hear the way Sony talks, it’s clear they realize the mistakes they made with the PS3, but a lot of people had to suffer an entire generation to see a change, Microsoft changed with 5 months to go before the console even comes out, and I believe that’s a great thing.


Microsoft is undoubtedly making a lot of the right choices now, and since these new consoles haven’t even released yet, a lot of people will pick which console they believe has the best games at launch, which I again lean towards the Xbox One in that department. I’m not declaring a winner in the next generation of consoles, but I think it’ll be pretty even much like this generation, and while so many were quick to write off Microsoft half a year before their console even released, a lot of gamer’s were taking notice of the fact that the Xbox One has a lot of great looking games coming out, dedicated servers on every online game, an improved controller and an improved Kinect that is supposed to be 10x more powerful than the current version.

Speaking of Kinect, I’ve heard some people say they don’t want one for one reason or another, but I’m of the mind that I want more than better graphics next gen. Nintendo has gone with this approach and once they get some games and maybe open their stance a bit more they’ll do fine. I like Kinect, and love that it’s bundled in with every console because developers can take full advantage of that fact and implement Kinect “options” into their games. The Wii U has a camera built into the Gamepad, every electronic device has some kind of camera these days. I feel like because Sony wanted to undercut Microsoft’s price and took out their own Kinect like camera, it has doomed it to a slow death, developers wont take advantage of it. So I definitely want a new Kinect, and I want it to come with every console, if you don’t like Kinect you don’t have to use it, but I want more than better graphics next gen and I believe Kinect can be a part of that, especially when used for Hot Keys on MMORPG’s, which is something the Xbox One will finally get.

I think people as a whole speaking their mind is a good thing, it can have a profound impact and be very positive. The thing I’ve noticed lately is that people complain about the tiniest things that they don’t like or agree with, they overreact and that’s irresponsible. Also, the war was won and Microsoft changed their stance on a lot of policies, why constantly berate them and people who want an Xbox One? I’m sure most of the trolls will move on to something else, I hear Nintendo doesn’t allow their games to be used for Let’s Play videos, and there could be artwork for a game that needs to be ripped into in the near future. I guess what I’m trying to say is to pick your battles, and learn when to let go. I’m a gamer, I like the Xbox One. I’m buying an Xbox One and I’m thrilled with that decision.


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