Why It's A Perfect Time To Buy An Xbox 360

The Xbox One will launch in November of this year, but that doesn’t mean the end of the Xbox 360, and it’s a very good thing that Microsoft has been very vocal about supporting their best selling console of all time. Although the Xbox 360 sits at about 80 million units sold, there are still some gamer’s who haven’t “jumped in” as it were.

The odd thing about this upcoming new generation is that I can still think of many current generation games that I want to buy and play through, and we all know that there is always a drought where games are concerned with new consoles. We all have out backlog of games that we save for those rainy days, and there are also a ton of great new games coming to the platform, at E3 Microsoft said hundreds of new titles were in the works, and that makes a lot of sense, when you have a built in install base of around 80 million, that’s where the money and sales are for developers early on in a new console cycle. So let’s take a look at why it’s the perfect time to get into the Xbox 360 if you haven’t already.

The games!
The Xbox 360 is home to a ton of great games, we all know it’s the only place you can get your Halo, Gears, Forza and Crackdown fix, but there are a ton of other lesser known titles that are just begging to get played. Aside from the exclusives, the Xbox 360 actually tends to play multiplatform titles smoother and better than the competition. This is due to the Xbox 360 being easier to develop for, and most current generation games are developed on the Xbox 360 dev kits, then ported to the competition. If you’ve ever played a Call Of Duty game on anything other than a 360 you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.
Notable games:
Halo 4
Gears Of War Trilogy
Lost Odyssey
Forza Motorsport Series
Crackdown 1&2
Ninety Nine Nights 1&2
Project Gotham Racing 4
Alan Wake
Viva Pinata
Kameo Elements Of Power
Dead Or Alive 4
Perfect Dark Zero
The Last Remnant
The Witcher 2

It’s not just the back catalog of games that makes the Xbox 360 an easy choice to purchase, but there are actually some very intriguing new games coming out for the console. If I’ve learned anything from Minecraft’s release, it’s that Xbox Live and digital games can have a huge impact for gamer’s, the games cost less and the experiences can be just as impressive as big AAA titles. More recently State Of Decay shattered the record for sales of a new IP launching on Xbox Live, and that has turned into one of my favorite games this generation, hopefully the sales will lead the rumored Class4 MMORPG version that could still see release on Xbox 360 at some point.

Upcoming games to get excited about:
World Of Tanks:
I don’t play many PC games, but I absolutely love to play World Of Tanks, I’d describe it as a fast paced Call Of Duty game that takes place in tanks. It’s really a ton of fun to play, and best of all, this game is going to be completely free to play on the Xbox 360 later this year. I could see a pretty hefty install base of Xbox Live Gold members living it up on this game, and I absolutely cannot wait to see how the game translates to the 360.


Yes, I know that the definitive version will be coming to the Xbox One, Respawn Entertainment has already gone on record as saying such. That being said, the Xbox 360 version is probably going to have more people online playing it than the Xbox One version, at least in the beginning. The game looks very intriguing and I might actually buy both versions for comparison, and to just have fun with. This is a huge AAA title coming to the Xbox 360 next year.


Project Spark:
This game had me drooling at E3 this year, I can see myself losing months of my life trying to create a ton of different games, and then sharing them with users across Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. You can literally create any kind of game you want, the game screams of uniqueness. I was pretty excited to see that not only is this game coming to the Xbox 360 as well, but it’s entirely free to play.


Max:The Curse Of Brotherhood:
I’ve been interested in seeing what this game was all about for a while now, and the video we saw at E3 really has me wanting this game. I love the art style, and the Xbox 360 has been short on platform games. Press Play always delivers and even though this is an Xbox Live Arcade game, I think those games have indeed blurred the line between retail and arcade.


Twisted Pixel always delivers the weird, fun and zany games for the Xbox 360. Splosion Man, Ms Splosion Man, The Maw and The Gunstringer to name a few. They have a very interesting game on the horizon with LocoCycle, and the game is still going to be on the Xbox 360, as well as the Xbox One at launch. This is definitely going to be one that Xbox 360 owners wont want to miss out on.


Ascend New Gods:
This is another upcoming free to play game from Microsoft, it’s being developed by the same company behind the Toy Soldier games on Xbox Live. The art style and graphics are impressive and the free to play aspect is something Microsoft seems to be embracing wholeheartedly.


Fable Anniversary:
This is a game that Fable fans have been asking about for a very long time now, to many this is the definitive Fable, and getting a remake on a totally new engine, with new cutscenes, graphics and physics is all any Fable fan could hope to ask for. Usually an HD remake wouldn’t be worth mentioning, but this is Fable after all. It also looks like we wont have long to wait for this game, as it releases later this year.


Future Halo games?
We know a new Halo game will be coming to the Xbox One in 2014, but what’s interesting is that it isn’t Halo 5, and Microsoft has said the Reclaimer Trilogy is now a saga. I think the trilogy will actually still release on the Xbox 360, now this is just rumor on my part, but the install base on Xbox 360 is just much better setup for Halo games, at least for a couple of years. What better way to make people hang on to their Xbox 360’s, or buy new ones than to keep releasing Halo games on the console?


Now while the Xbox 360 might be beyond it’s heyday, there are still plenty of great reasons to buy and play the Xbox 360. Obviously Xbox Live is a huge reason to buy an Xbox 360, I feel like it’s the top premium service in gaming, and makes playing games like Call Of Duty, Battlefield and Madden much more fun. There is also the Games For Gold promotion going on right now, where Xbox Live Gold members get 2 free games per month. We have heard of a price drop this year for the Xbox 360, and the $99 price tag is getting thrown around quite a bit, but even a $129 price tag would probably entice quite a few people. I’ll leave everyone with some of the upcoming multiplatform games I’ll be picking up for my Xbox 360. What current generation games are you looking forward to? Sound off on the comment section below.

Upcoming current generation multiplatform games:
Battlefield 4
Call Of Duty:Ghosts
Madden 25
Fifa 14
Splinter Cell Blacklist
Dark Souls 2
Grand Theft Auto 5
Diablo 3
Batman:Arkham Origins


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