Rumor: Gears of War Coming To PlayStation 4?

[Update 6/13/12 12:17 am] According to IGN, Epic has confirmed that this image is a fake.


[Original Post below]:

Could Gears of War be coming to the next-gen as a PlayStation 4 exclusive? That’s the rumor right now as an image appears across the net on Reddit and GameSpot forums, claiming to be a leak. The image shows a Gears of War Redux logo along with PS4 and PSN. Gears of War Redux was released on Xbox 360 as a fully featured re-release of Gears of War. Could this be a way of introducing the series on PlayStation the way BioWare brought Mass Effect 1 to the PS3 years after its Xbox 360 release? You can see the image for yourself below:




According to the submitter, the game was shown behind closed doors, claiming, “Zero second leak bro, it is being shown behind closed doors, but this is why Epic has been MIA at E3, big things in the works.” This isn’t a complete stretch as Epic games co-founder, Mark Rein tweeted that they were showing games behind closed doors instead of at E3:

Still, a few keen-eyed redditers have noticed some spelling errors in the fine print leading many to proclaim the image a fake.

It could very well be a fake and I’m leaning more to believing that it is; but for now, we do not know for sure. Although published by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 series, Epic Games is the IP holder of the Gears of War franchise and whether or not this is real, it is not entirely out of the question. Some hopeful gamers have said that since it’s a game being shown behind doors, maybe this was just a rushed error by a member of Epic Games. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below: Do you think this could be real? Or do you think this is fake? Would you like to see the Gears franchise on the PlayStation 4? Let us know below!



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