Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Reveal

This week at E3, DICE and Electronic Arts unveiled the multiplayer for Battlefield 4.  First shown with a live 64 player showcase during EA’s Press Conference, The Download, they have since opened the show floor to all to demo the pre-alpha version of the game.  The following information was gathered from their conference, trailers, and from fellow gamers on the show floor.

Release date: 10/29/2013
Beta date: T.B.D.

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Expansion Packs

  • China Rising – Free to all pre-orders
  • Second Assault – 4 maps from BF3 (Arriving first on XB1)



  • 64 players plus 2 Commanders at 1080P and 60fps (PC, PS4, XB1); 24 players plus 2 commanders at 720P and 30fps (PS3, 360)
  • Confirmed returning game modes are – Conquest, Rush, Team Deathmatch, and Squad Deathmatch. Two new modes included at launch, not all new modes from BF3 DLC will return
  • Hardcore mode returning (Squad leader spawn, no HUD, limited health, ammo is magazine based and not ammo-pooled)
  • Commander Mode returning from BF2
  • Spectator Mode returning also
  • In-game VOIP confirmed for all platforms
  • Practice Mode/Tutorial included for vehicles. No confirmation of Bots
  • Battlelog integrated into consoles (Clan support, stat tracking, all done in-game now)
  • Factions: USMC, China, and Russia
  • No Battlerecorder in-game, will rely on XB1 and PS4’s own recorders
  • Battlepacks: “Through the course of their multiplayer career, players will receive Battlepacks containing random combinations of new camos, dog tags, knives, XP boosts, and gun attachments. These items are designed to add customization options while not being game-changing”


  • Featured map at E3 is pre-alpha: Siege of Shanghai
  • Introducing Levolution: Not scripted events, take down the skyscraper like in the trailer! Blow up parts of the map to even the battlefield!
  • Improved environments including fire extinguishers will create smoke screens, storefront gates to shut people off, and motion sensed T.V.’s can be used to your advantage

Commander Mode


  • One commander on each side
  • Can play from console, PC, or tablet
  • Can do UAVs, EMP, vehicle scans, tomahawk missiles, and deploy gunships. Can also order vehicle drops and ammo supplies for vehicles and soldiers
  • Can give custom orders to each squad; orders followed by squads will give bonus points to the whole team
  • Commanders can unlock the missiles, gunships, and other skills by the team capturing certain points on Conquest.
  • A gated queue system prevents everyone from being eligible as a commander (will probably need to rank up like for OIC in MAG)
  • The multiple squad leaders can initiate a mutiny vote to get rid of a bad commander.
  • Each commander can see each other’s abilities and is a real time chess game

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Spectator Mode


  • Confirmed for PC, PS4, and XB1.  “We’ll see” about current gen.
  • Views available: Table Top, First Person, Third Person, and Free Cam
  • Free Cam has 5 free cams you can set around the map to capture certain amazing moments as they occur
  • Player UI can be turned off
  • third person mode shows off a player card: ammo, kills, deaths, score, gun, and attachments

Game Mechanics

  • Changes from BF3: 
    • 5 person squads
    • 2 types of med packs and ammo packs: a smaller one you throw like a grenade onto players
    • Suppression only possible from snipers and LMGs
    • C4 now on Recon class and can be thrown
    • Motion sensor balls return
    • Equipable grenades: M67 frags, flash bangs, incendiary grenades, and smoke grenades
    • Equipable knives: regular KA-BAR knife, or a shiv
    • Customizable pistols
    • Can dive underwater, and “sprint” swim
    • C4 and pistol can be used in the water
    • Kill assists above 50 count as kills
    • more attachment variety (like MOH:WF)
    • Knife attacks from the front can be countered
    • no killfeed or killcam
    • bottom/middle of the screen shows hotkeys for attachments
    • Quick match utilizes DICE servers, server browser for rented servers
    • Bailing out of a boat will spawn you into jetskis now
    • Sprinting isn’t at full speed right away, must gain momentum
    • Vehicle disables done by attacking certain parts of the vehicle
    • Limited ammo for vehicles; limits vehicle camping
    • No more Squad Specs; Individual specs, with a field upgrade bar that will reward 4 additional specs to the whole squad through squad points


  •  All Classes
    • Faction Specific guns are back
    • All-kit weapons are: Carbines, Marksman Rifles,and Shotguns
    • Attachment slots: Optics, Barrel, Accessory, and Underbarrel
  • Assault
    • Assault Rifles
    • Medic bag or First Aid pack
    • Defibs need to be charged before use; prevents rambo-medics
  • Engineer
    • Personal Defense Weapons
    • AT Mines and Torch can be equipped at once
    • RPG, Stinger and LAWs
  • Support
    • LMGs
    • Ammo bag or Ammo pack
    • 25mm Airburst Grenade Launcher
  • Recon
    • Sniper Rifles
    • C4; can be thrown
    • Motion Sensor ball, T-Ugs, SOFLAM
    • Range Finder and scope zeroing

That is a majority of what was revealed during E3 of the Multiplayer portion of Battlefield 4.  The beta will still happen before launch, what are you looking forward to on Battlefield 4?


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