Best Buy Lists "U4" For PlayStation 4 – Possible Uncharted 4 Leak?

With the full reveal of the PlayStation 4 still fresh in our minds, the details on a lot of the games in the works have been streaming out like a fountain. However, many have noticed the lack of one of PlayStation’s staple franchises, Uncharted. It was long rumored that an Uncharted 4, or next-gen Uncharted game, is in the works. Some have even speculated that The Last of Us, Naughty Dog’s upcoming game, has teasers for Uncharted 4.

Well, although there has been no official word, Best Buy may have leaked a little something that they weren’t supposed to. On the Best Buy website, a title simply listed as “U4” is available for pre-order for the PlayStation 4. This could very well be an error as you would assume that a game as big as Uncharted would have received some limelight at E3, whether or not it is a launch title.

Another possibility is that this is an error in listing for the Unreal Engine 4, an engine that will be used on the PlayStation 4. This speculation comes from the listing of “Havok” on Best Buy as well. No games entitled Havok have been announced for the system, but the game engine Havok  is a very real thing, also being used for PS4 development. Obviously, if true, these listings are blatant errors as neither should be listed for sale to the public and they aren’t games to play but development tools.

Still, the possibilities remain that “U4” is an unannounced PlayStation 4 game as Sony’s presser revealed that there are over 140 games in the works for the system, most of which have not been announced. For now, we will just have to wait and see.

Sound off in the comments below! What do you think this listing is for? Do you think it is just an error, or something real?


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