Guerrilla Games: PS4 Easiest Platform to Develop For

In a new developer diary for the upcoming PS4 game, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Guerrilla Games talks about the ease of developing for the next-gen hardware.

Angie Smets, Guerrilla Games’ executive producer on Killzone: Shadow Fall, mentioned that, “PlayStation 4 has proven to us, to be the easiest platform so far to develop for. From day one, the toolchain was just up and running.” Smets further commented, “as a developer it’s very critical that you do not lose that time early on in the process; you want to work on the game, not on your development environment.”

The game’s technical director, Michiel van der Leeuw also commented how “… it makes it really easy for developers to just, you know, get your stuff running […] That means we get to spend much more time on the actual game…”

While we might expect positive words about the PS4 from Guerrilla Games, considering they are a first party Sony studio, the PS4 seems to be receiving positive remarks from developers across the board. The PS3 had a lot of complaints surrounding it and developing for it, especially due to the complex Cell processor. Now that the PS4 seems to be much easier to develop for, can we expect to see shorter development periods? Smoother gaming experiences? More devs creating games for the system, including those who might have been apprehensive about developing for the PS3? So far it seems like the answers to all of these is, “yes.”

Killzone: Shadow Fall is scheduled for a Holiday 2013 release on PS4 as part of the launch lineup.

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