Seven Positive Things To Come From The Xbox One Reveal

So after all the hype, rumors and speculation, the next Xbox was finally announced on May 21st and surprise, surprise it’s called the Xbox One. Now I know there are plenty of negative articles flowing throughout the various gaming communities, with all the negatives going on, I thought it’d be a good time to point out some actual positives from the Microsoft Xbox One reveal.

I’d like to say that I originally wanted to do a recap of the full Xbox One reveal, but I just couldn’t justify writing about things nobody is one hundred percent sure about, it’d be professionally ignorant of me to do so. Also, if you think there were only negatives things surrounding the Xbox One reveal, you weren’t paying attention. So, without further delay, let’s list the top seven things that came from the Xbox One event.

1.The Xbox One Controller:

The Xbox One controller is a huge leap forward over the Xbox 360’s controller, even though I personally felt like the Xbox 360 controller was the best in the business, I wont deny that the D-pad was pretty terrible. The Xbox One’s controller looks to correct that issue, and it also added many new features. Overall 40 things have been changed on the controller, including feedback in the triggers. The controller is the thing that needs to last the entire length of the consoles life, and this one looks to be one of the best controllers of all time, designed by gamer’s for gamer’s.


2.We Finally Get A Name:
It doesn’t matter if everyone likes the name, no more calling it Durango, Xbox Fusion, Xbox Infinity or my least favorite Xbox 720, which made absolutely no sense whatsoever. Even though I wasn’t a fan of the name at first, it’s really grown on me and I can totally understand where Microsoft is coming from with that particular name, I also think Shakespeare put it best “What’s in a name? that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” I don’t know about any of you, but I was so sick of hearing it called everything under the sun, and props to Microsoft for completely surprising every single person where the name is concerned, I doubt anyone ever had a clue about it until it was finally revealed.
Logo Blu Ray
3.Blu-Ray Player
I cannot stress the amount of times someone mentioned to me that they had a free Blu-Ray player with their PS3, I too had a PS3 and enjoyed the Blu-Ray player, but as the PS3 wasn’t my main console it could be annoying switching devices just to watch a high definition movie on Blu-Ray. This was a huge selling point for the PS3 this generation, and I’m sure people will be just as excited that Microsoft is on board. There were rumors floating around that the Xbox One wouldn’t allow Blu-Ray movie playback, but I’m glad those rumors ended up being completely false.

4.Dedicated Servers For All Xbox One Games

This is one of my personal favorites that nobody seems to be talking about, Microsoft will launch the Xbox One with 300,000 servers, and every single game with a multiplayer element will be played on these servers. Imagine the game changer that this becomes if the Xbox One is the only place you’ll be able to play Call Of Duty, Battlefield and Madden on pure dedicated online gaming servers? These servers open up a lot of questions, I mean there are a lot of hardcore Call Of Duty fans, we could see some of these people buy the Xbox One just to play Call Of Duty on servers. If there is a single complaint I hear the most about Call Of Duty games, it’s that there is so much lag, so servers mean no more host advantage, no more host migration to interrupt the games, and no more being sent out to the lobby because the host rage quit the game by shutting off his Xbox.


5.Exclusive Games, And New IP’s:

One of the things I’ve heard some people complain about it Microsoft’s lack of new IP’s over the last few years, this is something I agree with, but didn’t really complain about because I bought an Xbox 360 to play Halo, Gears and Forza and Microsoft was great about putting those out. I truly believe Microsoft had their first party studios working on Xbox One titles since late 2010 or so, which makes perfect sense. We heard that at this years E3 Microsoft will show off 15 new exclusives that are coming out the first year of the Xbox One’s life, 8 of these games are completely new IP’s, and if they are all as interesting looking as Remedy’s Quantum Break, we gamer’s are in for a treat. Now if you’re a cynic you’ll be asking “How many will be Kinect games?”, and that’s a fair question, I’m sure of the 15 we’ll see 3-5 that might be Kinect based, but I believe the rest will be pure core games, and if I had to guess, I’d say Respawns game which is code named Titan is going to play a big part in the event at E3. I’ve been saying for over a year that Black Tusk Studios has a lot of talented people, including former Rockstar members, they have been working on a game that supposedly out-scales the Halo franchise, oh and Black Tusk is a completely core game studio.


6.A Halo Television Series Produced By Steven Spielberg:

This blew my mind at the reveal, I love Halo and the Forward Until Dawn web series proved that you can do Halo right on the small screen, you add in the genius of one Mr.Steven Spielberg and that is a winning combination. Halo has such a rich history and lore, the expanded universe rivals that of even Star Wars, the possibilities are really endless. If you love gaming, I believe you probably love gaming news, gaming sites and gaming series like this. If Microsoft can pull this off, it opens up the door for a lot of other future projects with gaming franchises. I think movies have done a lot of damage when it comes to trying to convert video games to movies, but television seems like a good fit because it allows for a lot more plot to develop over the course of a full season, where as movies have to wrap everything up in a little over two hours.


7.Got The Boring Stuff Out Of The Way:

I think that gamer’s were expecting Microsoft to do exactly what Sony did, which was coming out and showing a lot of games and demo’s over a two hour time frame, Microsoft went in the opposite direction and showed their console, but also showed off a lot of other features aside from gaming. They said in the weeks leading up to May 21st that the event would be more about the console itself, and E3 would be about games. Microsoft has been quoted as saying they were glad to get the boring stuff out of the way because they know gamer’s don’t like that. I couldn’t imagine being happy seeing that reveal at E3, so in that way I’m happy with what I saw at the Xbox One reveal, sure I would have loved to see more games, or demo’s, but E3 is a mere few weeks away, and now we can focus on what we’re interested in, the games.

Well there it is, sure there was a lot of confusion and negative aspects, but I believe these seven things were actually quite positive, aside from the great looking controller, I haven’t seen many people talking about the other things very much at all. With E3 so close, we can only hope for a complete game blowout by Microsoft, and no little kids or Usher to interfere with that.


10 Responses to “Seven Positive Things To Come From The Xbox One Reveal”

  1. This…isn’t as bad an article as I was expecting.

  2. there may be a few things about the x1 that are annoying, but I am really excited about the games ms will show off at e3.

    • I am as well, I didn’t feel like it was a good idea to post more speculation at this point, especially since Microsoft has now come out and said they haven’t finalized things yet. The games are super important, and they alone could lure people into buying one. This E3 is going to be legendary in my opinion.

  3. You’re really reaching to make some positive points about the Xbox ONE reveal here. The dedicated servers for all games thing would be huge if true but the problem is I can’t find a single piece of evidence to confirm that. Did you pull that out of your butt? I’ve found articles confirming the 300 thousand servers but it DID NOT say anything about it being for all multi player games. Those servers are for the tv and other apps and features.

  4. —1.The Xbox One Controller:—

    Looks like they fixed the d-pad so that is a positive

    —2.We Finally Get A Name—

    And a stupid name it is. FOUR is greater than ONE. To the general public the PS FOUR is superior to the Xbox ONE. Plus Xbox ONE is confusing. That’s what people call the first Xbox.

    —3.Blu-Ray Player—

    Welcome to 2006, MS. Congrats, you finally can play HD movies on disc.

    —4.Dedicated Servers For All Xbox One Games—

    This is the first I’m hearing of this. Can you provide a link to confirm. You can’t be the only one who know about this.

    —5.Exclusive Games, And New IP’s:—

    MS said they will have 15 exclusives and 8 will be new IPs. That is GREAT news. However, the key word they said were “exclusives” which to MS that word means something totally different than what everyone else thinks. Forza 5, Quantum Break, COD timed DLC, and FIFA DLC are already announced and each count as “exclusives” so that 5 out of the 15 exclusives which leaves only 10. Out of those 10 exclusives I predict 5 to be casual Kinect games, 3 to be timed DLC of multi plats(there’s the 8 new IPs exclusive content) and only 2 actual core exclusive games which we all know will be some form of Halo and Gears.

    —6.A Halo Television Series Produced By Steven Spielberg:—

    Don’t know how this relates to gaming but OK, knock yourself out.

    —7.Got The Boring Stuff Out Of The Way—

    Trust me, there’s more “boring stuff” coming at E3. MS has to show off all of there new casual Kinect games and other tv features and other apps that they didn’t talk about at the reveal. We all know MS loves hiring celebrities, kid actors, and adult actors.

  5. I’m surprised no one is talking about the increased of servers to 300,000 imagine battlefield the way it was meant to be with big teams. Open world FPS because it can support more players. This was the biggest news I heard in the released of Xbox One. Also Microsoft is getting bashed for their announcement but Microsoft knows one thing. E3 is for the gamer’s they got the boring things out of the way. Everyone is getting upset like oh my god xbox one does all this stupid tv things, etc…. Is like saying oh my god my phone does all this stupid things I just want to call and text…. Consoles are evolving. Once we the full story then we can talk connections and always on, and DRM so much speculations. I’m excited for Xbox One we will see how they finalized their stand and I will take it from there. If they say something I don’t like we have options…

    By the way great article.

  6. I’m amazed at how angry everyone is about Xbox one. Man we haven’t even played a game yet. I own all systems and have no real preference but calm down people. It’s not like there will be that much difference in game quality anyway. I think the play station crowd is posting this s*** in hopes that people will go back to PS since Sony screwed up with the PS3. Well let me tell you why people won’t jump to PS. It’s called gamer score. Since the games will be the SAME with Microsoft getting DLC first on the most popular titles Microsoft will extend its advantage in the US.

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