GameStop Survey: "Are You Aware of [The] Xbox 720?"

We all know it’s coming. We know. Microsoft’s next-gen system is on the horizon and we know this. Despite how confident we are in its release, it has not been announced and all we have to go on are rumors, hearsay, and speculation for now. With that said, GameStop may be putting a bit more of an official spin on things.

A recent GameStop survey has asked a question that could very well indicate the official name of the next Xbox. In this survey, as seen in the image below  (pardon the watermarks), GameStop asks the question, “Which of the following next generation gaming consoles are you aware of?”


As you can see in the image, one of the options is the officially announced PlayStation 4, and the other system – the rumored, “Xbox 720” name is used in reference to Microsoft’s next-gen system. Another interesting note is that GameStop doesn’t include Nintendo’s Wii U system as an option.

The question in the survey is a little odd due to the fact that this is an official research survey by a massive gaming retail company and  Microsoft has not officially announced the system. While GameStop is one of the companies who does have insight on the system, they have refused to comment further since it hasn’t been announced. Could this public survey indicate a pre-E3 reveal as has been suggested by several rumors across the web? We’ll soon find out.


Thanks to GhostNappa4 for the tip.


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