Top 5 Game Trilogies This Generation

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If this had been a typical console generation we probably wouldn’t have seen many trilogies, but since it seems like it’s the generation that just wouldn’t die, we have been bombarded with trilogies. It seems like all franchises need at least three games to tell the whole story, some of these trilogies weren’t worth the disc they were printed on, but in the case of this list, some were amazing games that helped define one of the best generations in gaming.

When I was trying to come up with this list I felt that a good story was important, the gameplay also had to be top-notch, and the games had to bring something to the table that was revolutionary for its time. So while the list might not include your personal favorite game series, keep in mind that this is based on games that I’ve actually played through and own, and everyone tends to have a difference of opinion when it comes to video games, but there is no doubt in my mind that this is the top five trilogies this generation, and in no particular order.

 photo wallpaper-014-extended_cut-1920x1200-600x300_zps00041c28.jpg
The Mass Effect Trilogy

Even though there was some controversy involving Mass Effect 3’s ending, there is no doubt that the Mass Effect trilogy was one of the absolute best this generation. Bioware gave us a space opera that rivals the Star Wars universe, but in a lot of ways is actually better, mostly because of its interactive nature. The first game in the series is still my favorite because of its basic RPG elements, later the series shifted more towards a third person shooter style of game, but was still fun and entertaining. One of the innovative aspects was that your decisions carried over from one game to the next, this is something that took off this generation and will probably be pretty standard by next generation. The Mass Effect trilogy stands as one of the best this generation, and it’s still a relatively young franchise. With Mass Effect, the sky is the limit.


 photo gears-of-war-3_zps0e56a21e.jpg
The Gears Of War Trilogy

I realize that there are now four Gears Of War games, but I’m talking about the first three Gears games in the main stories trilogy. When I first saw Gears Of War gameplay back in 2005 I knew I’d have to buy an Xbox 360 and that decision paid off for me in a big, big way. To some the Gears games are just “dude-bro” games, but I loved the stories in the games and the characters, it also had an amazing online element. The thing that helped define this generation was the way Gears implemented the cover system. Virtually every third person shooter that released this generation after Gears Of War had their own take on that cover system. Not only is the Gears trilogy one of the best, but it’s one of the most inventive and imitated games of all time.


 photo Uncharted-NGP_zps8abf3f67.jpg
The Uncharted Trilogy

The Uncharted trilogy is one of the best this generation hands down, Naughty Dog seems to pump out a fantastic new IP every console generation, from Crash and Jak to Uncharted, they never seem to disappoint. While most developers were struggling with the PS3’s architecture Naughty Dog seemed to really get the most from the console, bringing us graphics not thought possible on a home console. If I had to pick one thing that the Uncharted trilogy brought to gaming it’s that you can have a truly cinematic game, and not have to suffer with poor mechanics or gameplay. The Uncharted series had one of the best narratives in gaming, and it also implemented a pretty fun online multiplayer aspect with Uncharted 2. If I had to pick a top game this generation, Uncharted 2 would certainly be in the discussion.


 photo Assassins-Creed-Creator-First-Game-Purest_zps4589a0f2.jpg
The Assassins Creed Trilogy

Okay, I realize that there are way more than three Assassins Creed games, but I’m just counting the main stories from Assassins Creed 1, 2 and 3. The original Assassins Creed might have been a bit repetitive, but the series really picked up steam when Ezio was the front man. The way they mixed present day with the past was very interesting and well done. The characters and story elements were very well developed and the graphics for an open world game were amazing.No great trilogy can be complete without a little controversy, and Assassins Creed has had its fair share of that, but overall these games flowed like no other, offered long and lengthy play-throughs and have kept gamer’s busy since 2007. There are a lot of different places this franchise can go next, but by the time this generation is over, it’s pretty obvious Assassins Creed was one of the bigger games.


 photo no-more-call-of-duty-cod-modern-warfare-banner_zpsfea4b418.jpg
The Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Trilogy

This pick might be a little controversial in and of itself, but I feel like the Modern Warfare trilogy was one of the most action packed and inventive of the generation. When I look at what the first Modern Warfare game did for me as a gamer, it’s really hard to argue the point. Call Of Duty 4 was THE game to play when it released, there hadn’t really been a modern game like that, all we would see is a saturated World War II market and I was so happy to see Infinity Ward change things up, little did we know that everyone would soon follow suit, but COD4 was still the original. Modern Warfare was also the first game to offer killstreak rewards and now that is pretty much a staple in every online shooter. The campaigns had a great Hollywood flow to them, they weren’t the longest games, but they were action packed and a ton of fun to play through. Even if you’re not a fan of the Call Of Duty games, you have to admit they have had a huge influence on this generation.

At the end of the day these were the top five gaming trilogies this generation, I only listed series that had at least three games in this single console cycle, obviously there are other games that have had trilogies that spanned a couple of consoles, but for me, these games were the cream of the crop. If there is a trilogy that you think belongs up here, please feel free to sound off in the comment section below.


8 Responses to “Top 5 Game Trilogies This Generation”

  1. Great piece, though yeah i disagree with the inclusion of Modern Warfare as the the 3rd entry was extremely weak

    • Modern Warfare got in off the merits of COD4, I agree MW3 was the weaker game overall, but it still tied up the story for the campaign. Nobody can deny the impact COD4 had on this generation, which is why it made the list.

  2. Instead of the assassins creed trilogy, i think you should have said the ezio trilogy.(AC2, brotherhood,revelations)
    Most people find the 1st to be too repetitive. ( i dont , it is one of my all time favorite games)
    AC3 just didnt feel like a finished product, it also ended the desmond story like it hadnt been built up for the past 4 games.

    • You make a good point, but I feel like the first three games did a good job of building up the Desmond story, even if the end of AC3 was lackluster, the journey was worth it in my opinion,

    • I feel like they shouldnt have changed the way desmond controls for the last game to cover his story , didnt he relive ezio’s memories for the bleeding effect so why does he control just like connor before he even knows who connor is ? If they were going to change it, why not start fresh with part 4 since desmond wont be returning anyway..
      There needed to be more desmond sequences, and plain and simple there just wasnt enough pay off for all the games i played just to see him die with no choice at all. Wasnt the series based on the idea of freedom? The freedom to kill how you want, but i guess you dont get a choice on death …..

    • I tend to agree, you play as a character through like 5 games, and there wasn’t much of a payoff. I was hoping to play totally in a current day game as Desmond, but that didn’t happen and now never will.

      Hopefully they go somewhere good with the story in AC4, but the Ezio trilogy is still my favorite from that series.

    • If AC3 wouldve been a present day game with desmond as the assassin, AC would probably beat zelda as my all time favorite game series.
      Yeah the Ezio games were the best, but Altair is by far my favorite assassin. ( big surprise, huh )
      I want AC4 to be great, but i just cant get my hopes up after the way 3 turned out.

  3. Call of duty making any list makes the list an automatic void.

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