Five Of The Greatest Xbox 360 Exclusives That Came To PS3

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Third party exclusives have been a rarity throughout the generation. Although many developers such as Bioware and Irrational Games have developed titles exclusively for the Xbox 360, they’ve eventually migrated to the PlayStation 3 along with a few other Xbox 360 exclusives. We take a look at some of the most successful Xbox 360 exclusives that were ported to the PS3 over the years.

bioshock 1

1. Bioshock

No doubt that Bioshock is one of the greatest new IPs introduced this generation. It originally launched exclusively to the Xbox 360 in 2007 and became an instant classic, being praised for its morality-based storyline and eerie setting. Bioshock received numerous perfect scores from reputable publications such as GameInformer, Eurogamer and Electronic Gaming Monthly. PS3 gamers got a slice of Bioshock heaven when it was ported in late 2008. With a score of 98/100, Bioshock currently sits at #2 on the highest scored Xbox 360 game on Metacritic and has spawned two successors, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite.


2. Limbo

Developed by Playdead, Limbo is perhaps one of the most popular Indie games released this generation. The 2D sidescroller was released exclusively on Xbox Live Arcade in July 2010 and was praised for its monochrome visuals, puzzle design and the simplicity of its controls. It went on to become the third-highest selling Xbox Live Arcade game in 2010, earning around $7.5 million. The puzzle-platformer won numerous “Best Indie Game” awards and was nominated for “Best Game” alongside bigger titles such as Call of Duty: Black Ops and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. Limbo was ported to the Playstation 3 almost a year later and its frequently used to support the argument that video games are art. After over five years, Limbo was announced to be released on the PlayStation Vita sometime in 2013.

ME 3

3. Mass Effect

As someone who only owns a PlayStation 3, Mass Effect was one of the titles that  made me consider buying an Xbox 360. Mass Effect initially launched on the Xbox 360 in 2007 and, like Bioshock, was praised for its morality-based storyline. From the developers who brought us classics such as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, the space-opera RPG is arguably the greatest new series to emerge this generation. Mass Effect has spawned two sequels, Mass Effect and Mass Effect 3, with the two carrying over the player’s choice from the previous game and set the benchmark for storytelling in video games. Mass Effect 2 was released exclusively on Xbox 360 in 2010 and is currently the 4th highest rated game on the Xbox 360. Mass Effect 2 was ported to the PlayStation 3 in 2011 and the original title finally make its way to the PS3 in 2012.

Castle Crashers

4. Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers is a fun 4-player co-op beat-em-up that launched exclusively on Xbox Live in 2008. Its unique art style was praised among critics alongside its simplistic gameplay and was considered a modern throwback to classic beat-em-ups. With the number of unlockables and replay value, players are still playing Castle Crashers almost five years later, with the leaderboards carrying 3 million players as of September 2012. The 2D sidescroller was named Xbox Live Arcade’s best selling game of 2008, selling over 110,000 units in just three days. The title made its way to PS3 in August 2010 and moved over 181,000 units as of December 2010.

GTA IV Episodes from Liberty City

5. Great Theft Auto: Episodes of Liberty City

Grand Theft Auto IV is perhaps one of the greatest and most successful games of all time. Boasting a 98/100 on Metacritic, it currently stands as the highest rated video game of all time and sold 3.6 million copies the day it launched in 2008. It spawned two expansion packs, The Lost and Damned and Ballad of Gay Tony, both of which launched exclusively for the Xbox 360 in 2009. Each episode put players in the shoes of a new protagonist, in a timeline parallel to Niko Bellic’s own adventure in the core Grand Theft Auto IV game. Microsoft paid a whopping $50 million to have the two episodes exclusive to the Xbox 360 for a year. In 2010, both episodes were collected into a disc and released on the PlayStation 3.

Other Xbox 360 exclusives, such as Ninja Gaiden and the Saints Row series, have been ported to the PS3 as well. If there’ s anything we left off the list, let us know in the comments section below!



One Response to “Five Of The Greatest Xbox 360 Exclusives That Came To PS3”

  1. If i could just transfer Banjo Kazooie and Tooie HD to my ps3, i could finally wash my hands of the 360 for good. ( i never even updated to the new dashboard, ive still got the 2nd one most people liked )

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