Are You Skipping Games While Waiting For The Next-Generation?

A few days ago, we reported on a comment that GameStop made, claiming that gamers will stop buying games leading up to the release of Sony and Microsoft’s next generation of gaming systems. After our report, discussions spawned across the internet about this issue. A few interesting points were given from varying points of view.

There are individuals who agree with this claim that GameStop made. Gaming isn’t an especially cheap hobby. Games and systems can cost a pretty penny, especially when they’re brand new. With that in mind, understandably, many seem to be holding off on purchases leading up to their next system so they can save money. Some have responded by saying they’re going to just rent games through a video game rental service like GameFly, or just skip games all together until the next-gen.

Still, others are looking at what the next generation of systems feature. The PlayStation 4 was already announced and so were some of its features. One of the features lacking from the system is backwards compatibility. Unfortunately, the PS4 will not be able to play PS3 game discs. Some have used this fact to reason, “why should I spend money now to buy a game that will not be playable with the next system I plan on getting?” These too, state that they will not purchase games until the next-generation arrives.

On the other side of the issue though, there are those who say, “Why stop buying games?” There are still a good number of high quality titles coming out between now and this holiday season (when the next wave of next-gen is supposed to launch). There are many who refuse to miss out on these titles just because another system is coming out. Others on this side of the issue reason that one can own more than one system if they have the funds to do so. So these will still get games for both the current and next-gen machines for some time to come.

There are understandable and legitimate reasons from both sides of the issue. There’s no right or wrong way to go when it comes down to our personal circumstances and preferences. With that said, here’s the question to you: Will you be holding off from buying games until the next generation of consoles come in? Why or why not? Sound off in the comment section below and discuss more in the community forums here: Community.


5 Responses to “Are You Skipping Games While Waiting For The Next-Generation?”

  1. Anyone skipping games because of the next-gen is stupid. End of story.

  2. My gf is waiting until next gen, but I’m not.

  3. Why wait? The so-called “next gen” which isn’t really next gen (WiiU is out, remember?) are going to be expensive when they come up. Why but on launch day? We have plenty of good games for current gen, so why not spend money on those instead and wait for the so-called “next gen” to become cheaper and the good games to come out?
    We all know that the good games come some time after the consoles launches. Why buy a system with no good games? The games make or break the console, not the social functions and other crap.

    Waiting is just silly…

    • I agree, I always wait if not for a price drop at least until a few good games are out. I bought the 3ds around launch and look how that turned out……a few months later it was about 100 bucks cheaper and had way better games.

    • That’s true. Early adopters are usually screwed over one way or another.

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