Will the PS4 and Vita Feature Reverse Remote Play?

PlayStation has experimented with remote play over a series of years. The PSP had limited remote play functions with the PS3 and the Vita has a slightly better remote play function with the PS3 as well. You may have been able to stream videos, play a limited number of games, use some apps, and a few other things while you were away from your PS3 vita remote play. Still, the full potential for that function hasn’t been unlocked yet. With the PlayStation 4’s announcement however, Sony has set its sights on making remote play a full-blown feature between the two devices.


At the PlayStation 4 initial reveal, Sony said that they were making it their aim to make sure all PS4 games would be playable on the Vita. In fact, they are so committed to this feature that it is built into the PS4’s hardware. On stage, a brief demo was given showing one of the upcoming PS4 titles, Knack, being streamed right to the Vita with the PS4’s remote play. At GDC, Sony once again reiterated the fact that this is built-in to the hardware. Developers do not have to worry about any special programming for the software, because the hardware will handle it all. So it looks like Sony is finally getting things on the right track with this remote play concept.

Still, that’s only one way – playing PS4 games on the go. What about when you’re home? Let’s say you have an awesome Vita game, and you just feel like playing it on the big screen at home. Well, if we follow the clues, it seems like this may very well happen.


Once again, going back to the PlayStation 4 initial reveal last month, Sony said that they are working on a new initiative to bring the Vita to the living room. While they didn’t go into detail, it was noted that more will be revealed later this year. Interesting enough, while Mr. House was speaking about bringing the Vita to the living room, the image on the screen showed a picture of a couple of people playing a PS4 or PS3 from their couch (seen in the image to the right).

So this brings us to this article’s title question: Will the PS4 and Vita feature some sort of reverse remote play? Or even the PS3, for that matter? While the PS4 is built as a server for PS4 to Vita remote play, can this project that Sony is working on be a workaround so that the Vita does the same? The PS4 talk at GDC today also spoke about mirrored remote play for PS4 and Vita; Will we be able to sync the PS4 and Vita together so that Vita games are playable through the PS4?

While that is entirely possible, a more logical conclusion is that PlayStation is working on a way to directly hook up the Vita to the PS4 (or even PS3), possibly with the USB (or that mystery accessory port) and allow gameplay that way. So, while not exactly “remote” play, we may still see a form of connectivity that allows an individual to play a game from one system, on the other.

As seen from some recent Killzone Mercenary footage, Vita games can look pretty good on the big screen. While the Killzone Mercenary offscreen footage was from devkit Vitas that have a HDMI out, there’s little doubt that similar effects can be transmitted with the aforementioned connectivity between console and handheld. If that falls flat, there’s always the rumored HDMI out Vita model (but that’s another story for another day).

As of late, Sony has been stressing the unity that they want to have among their devices, promoting connectivity across all of them. We’ll have to wait and see what the final word is on the “Vita to the living room” initiative, but it could be promising.

So let us know what you think: How will Sony be bringing the Vita to the living room? Will we see reverse remote play? A wired connection that allows the Vita to be played through the PS3 or PS4? Will we get a new model of Vitas that have a HDMI out port? Or something else? Sound off in the comments below and let us know!



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