The Dead Dunes – New Location Screens & Info For 'Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII'

SQUARE ENIX has released some new screenshots for the last chapter FF XIII Lightning trilogy – LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII. These new screens show off a new area of Nova Chrysalia called the Dead Dunes.

This new area features new monsters and bandits scattered through these “treacherous deserts.” Lightning’s quest through the Dead Dunes will help also allow her to gain information from the mysterious village around the oasis.

In addition to the Dead Dunes, the screens (that you can find below) also show different shops in the game and an inn.

You can check them out here (click image to enlarge):

[nggallery id=179]

Screen and Game Details:

  • Lightspeed – This special ability consumes EP (Energy Points). When unleashed in battle it slows the passage of time, rendering foes helpless before Lightning’s ferocious assault…
  • Abilities – Lightning now has the ability to cast recovery spells on herself. Becasue the spell consumes EP, it is best kept as a last resort. Perhaps it’s wiser to use her supply of potions first!
  • Desert – Want to get to the bottom of the dune fast? Just slide down!
  • Oasis – There is good information to be found in the village that huddles around the oasis. It is a perfect base for exploring the deadly wilderness that surrounds it.
  • Stolen Treasure – Lightning must recover the stolen treasure. But what powers does it hide within?
  • Event A – A bandit gang is operating in the Dead Dunes, searching for the hidden treasures said to be buried there.
  • Event B – The bandit chief appears to know all about Lightning. Could it be that they’ve met before?
  • Food – The cities are home to various kinds of inns and eateries. Perfect places for Lightning to have a meal and replenish her health.
  • Inns – Lightning can rent a room in one of the inns and rest for a while. As time passes, she will recover her health.
  • Item Shop – Some shops sell potions, elixirs, and other consumables. Lightning can only carry a limited number into battle, so remember to stock up regularly.
  • Ability Shop – Lightning can purchase magic spells and abilities from a number of shops. Save up gil and surprise foes with a new ability.
  • Monster – This monster swims easily through the sand and attacks with ferocious speed. Lightning must parry the assault before she can launch her counterattack!
  • Ruins 3 – The shifting sands of the Dead Dunes hide many a ruin. In one of them, Lightning may find the treasure she seeks.
  • Desert 3 – Majestic ruins lie half-buried in the sand. They serve as landmarks for Lightning as she explores the wasteland.

LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII will be available this Fall for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


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