Battlefield 4 Site Launches

The folks at DICE and EA have launched the official teaser site for Battlefield 4, which can be found here.  The website shows rain all over the screen and it can be condensed with a whip of your mouse.  Signing in via your Origin login details will show they are willing to reveal more of the game if a certain number of people sign in to the page.  Signing in to the site will also unlock a new dogtag for Battlefield 3 that states “I was there,” in relation to the BF4 announcement.  In addition, there is a date of March 27th, 2013; the date that a gameplay trailer will be shown.

Recently released has been the official artwork of Battlefield 4 as well (as seen in the image above).  First image shows a soldier with a 1911 pistol and a M39-EMR silenced sniper rifle.  To the right of the soldier, in orange, shows what is rumored to be the Orient Tower in Shanghai.  The second image (same image seen above) shows the same soldier but with an LAV and MBT behind him, in what I am assuming is the official box art.  The artwork heavily promotes rain, as does the website, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see dynamic weather elements in the online portion of the game.  One only has to wait a week for all the details!  I am looking forward to BF4 for the PS4 and I have high hopes for the game as it’s predecessor has been my favorite online shooter for nearly 2 full years now.  What do you want to see in Battlefield 4?  Leave your comments below!


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