What To Expect From Microsoft's Xbox 720 Reveal

The ball is clearly in Microsoft’s court at the moment, the Wii U got off to a good start but due to lack of software has struggled of late. The PS4 was sort of revealed at Sony’s show a while back, but we didn’t actually get a look at the console itself or see much actually being played on it with the exception of the new Killzone title. This means all eyes are firmly fixed on Microsoft and their upcoming console, but what can we realistically expect from a Microsoft Xbox 720 reveal?

Expect the actual console to make an appearance. photo Xboxconceptrender-580-75_zps2ec5922a.jpg

While Sony chose to not actually show off their next console, Microsoft has never been ashamed to show their hardware, they also have a history of showing off their new consoles at a big event ahead of E3, so I wouldn’t expect them to deviate from that. You could argue that E3 would be a better place to actually show the final design, but I think Microsoft will have too many games to show off in that short hour and a half show, so my bet would be that we actually see the next Xbox sometime at the rumored April event.
Chance of happening 95%


 photo kinect-2_zpsc485f8f6.jpg

Kinect 2.0 is a go.

While this might be fuel for the fire when it comes to Microsoft haters, Kinect has been very successful for Microsoft en route to racking up over 25 million units sold in less than two and a half years. One of the big knocks on Kinect is the input lag, but hopefully the rumors of a 1:1 motion control Kinect 2.0 will pan out to be true. Sony will actually have a similar camera, so Microsoft will need to have their next iteration up to par. If it can track motions like it’s supposed to, even down to finger tips, it could very well be the game changer Microsoft intended the first one to be. Sadly the day of a game console only playing games are over, these new consoles need to appeal to every type of gamer. As long as this stays optional or offers innovation I think gamer’s wont mind.
Chance of happening 95%

Games will be the focus, Microsoft knows core gamer’s buy a console at launch:
 photo alan-wake2-poster-620x388_zps3eded4b6.png

Alan Wake 2

The first Alan Wake was a long time in coming, then it released the same day as Red Dead Redemption, not exactly a recipe for success. It did go on to score well on Metacritic and eventually sold decently, and while Microsoft doesn’t own the IP rights, they do own the publishing rights. We also know Remedy said there is more Alan Wake to come, it makes more sense to launch an Alan Wake sequel with a new console as opposed to launching the niche title on the current system. It will also allow Remedy to use the power of the next console and possibly give people a more open world and open ended Alan Wake experience.
Chance of happening 85%

 photo project-gotham-racing-5_zpse56f956c.jpg

Project Gotham Racing 5

So far every Xbox console released has released with a Project Gotham Racing game, rumors have been rampant that they are crafting a new entry into the series. While I’d expect a Forza game somewhere along the lines, I think Microsoft will want to stick with what has worked for them in the past. An arcade racer that hasn’t really been available on an Xbox console for a while would probably do pretty well, it’d also go a long way to show off the new visual capabilities the next Xbox has to offer.
Chance of happening 85%


 photo Fable4_zpsf6149f80.png
Fable 4 or Fable MMORPG

Lionhead Studios is actually quite large, they had one smaller team working on Fable The Journey for Kinect, rumors and job listings suggest they are using Unreal Engine 4 for their next core Fable game, fans weren’t too pleased with Fable 3, even though its gone on to sell over 5 million copies, a lot of the features from Fable 2 were axed and the game felt a bit rushed, now Lionhead has had a proper development cycle and I’d expect to see some news on this highly popular franchise. The other rumor was that Lionhead was working on a Fable MMORPG for the next Xbox, both would be a welcomed addition, an MMORPG on a Microsoft home console would be a huge step forward as I believe console MMO’s were the only thing lacking this generation.
Chance of happening 75%


 photo halo_2_ice_logo_Wallpaper-650x400_zps841c8583.jpg

Halo 2 HD

Very quietly Microsoft has released some type of Halo game every year since 2007, Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary was a hit and we haven’t seen a Halo game release with a new console since the first Xbox debut. While Halo 2 isn’t a new Halo game, it would definitely do well and considering Halo 2 is looked at as one of the best Halo games of all time I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibilities. I also think we could potentially see this HD version on the Xbox 360 as well, we don’t know if the next Xbox will be backwards compatible or not, but releasing two versions isn’t out of the question.
Chance of happening 70%


 photo rysems1-1_zpsf4b61932.jpg
Ryse from Crytek

Ryse has been a strange game, we saw a cryptic trailer for it in 2010 and didn’t see anything for a while, when we finally got a trailer we learned it was a Kinect enabled game, but that you could play it with a controller as well. Later on we heard that development switched from current Xbox to the next Xbox, could be that the tech just wasn’t where Crytek wanted it and so it made more sense to launch a new IP with a new console. One thing is sure, Crytek pushes boundaries when it comes to graphics, Crysis 2 and 3 stack up as some of the best looking console games this generation and I would think a next gen game from Crytek will look very impressive. Microsoft will need to kick off the next generation with at least a few new IP’s and this could be one of their next blockbuster titles.
Chance of happening 70%


 photo screenlg3-1_zps54234376.jpg

Kinect Sports 3

This one will probably draw a groan from some people, but the Kinect Sports games were some of the most fun and functional games on the original Kinect, they are also the best selling Kinect games with almost 8 million units sold between the two games. The funny thing is that I actually don’t believe Rare will be making this game, Big Park actually handled the majority of Kinect Sports Season Two and I believe they will handle the majority of a third Kinect Sports game. What is Rare up to you may ask? Well I’ll get to that a bit later, but I’d fully expect this game to launch with the next Xbox and might even be a pack in title.
Chance of happening 70%


 photo images11_zps0b1cf8f5.jpg

Black Tusk Studios new IP/s

Black Tusk Studios is a name you’ll probably be hearing a lot of in the next generation, they were formed in 2010 and haven’t released a single game, however it was recently discovered that the studio is actually developing four brand new core IP’s and they are currently making a game that will “rival” Halo in terms of scope, budget and hopefully acclaim. I doubt we see all four of these titles revealed at once, but Microsoft knows the importance of releasing a new console with that next big blockbuster, Halo CE was the original Xbox blockbuster and almost everyone I know that bought a 360 bought it when they saw Gears Of War for the first time, Microsoft will want that next big thing to go along with their other big titles. The game they are crafting for the possible 720 launch could even be the famed AAAA title that Microsoft has been rumored to be funding. It will definitely be interesting to see what the new studio can do, they have a lot of top talent and are currently on a hiring spree.
Chance of happening 75%


 photo Rare-Xbox-720-Games_zpsa29de241.jpg

Rare’s new IP

Insert joke here about how bad Rare is, lets not mention that they created 7 platinum games this generation and invented the Xbox Live Avatar system from the ground up, a process that started two full years before the original Wii even released. While it’s true they don’t have original members, and haven’t since the late 90’s in all honesty, they are still a large studio with some very talented developers. I made reference to Kinect Sports 3, but as I stated before I think Big Park handles that, I do think Rare is working on a Kinect 2.0 game, as they have job listing stating as much, but they also had job listings from a couple of years ago for people with FPS knowledge and action/adventure game knowledge, so given that they are a large studio and managed a couple of different launch titles for the Xbox 360, I could see them breaking out a new adventure or shooter game and a new Kinect game. Love them or hate them recently, they do have a huge staff and a lot of talent.
Chance of happening 80%


 photo Xbox-Live-Skype-Voice-Chat_zpsf3c83b3a.jpg

Xbox Live overhaul and new features

Microsoft owns Skype, so it makes sense that the service will play a huge role in the next Xbox. I’d also suspect Microsoft has quite a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to the next version of Xbox Live, I’m sure we’ll get even more detailed Achievements and a lot of social media features. Sony and Nintendo seem to be taking advantage of social media functions, the Mii Verse is quite fun and it looks like Sony will offer something similar with the PS4, Microsoft has always brought innovation when it comes to their online service and I’d expect that to continue.
Chance of happening 95%

Third party game honorable mentions

The list above shows games and features that will be console exclusives to be certain, but there are a ton of third-party developers that will probably play a big role when Microsoft finally unveils their next console.

Assassins Creed 4:Black Flag
Watch Dogs
Battlefield 4 with possible timed exclusive DLC
The next COD with possible timed exclusive DLC


7 Responses to “What To Expect From Microsoft's Xbox 720 Reveal”

  1. How are rumours rampant for a Project Gotham sequel when the original development studio went belly up? What studio would be working on it? I feel like a new Forza game is a safer bet.

    I hate to say it, but not many of these seem like hardcore system sellers to me, but I’m in it for the games. These ones just don’t excite me. In fact, Microsoft has done a pretty terrible job developing solid new IP.

    • Playground Games has a lot of the staff, I wouldn’t expeect a new Forza game at launch, too big a franchise to kick off a generation. How can you know at this point that MS wont have anything to appeal to you? They have been working on next gen games for over 3 years now, could have a ton of new IP’s.

    • Blue Dragon? Alan Wake? Lost Odyssey? Viva Pinata? Ninety Nine Nights? Only one of those are MS owned IPs and all of them were certified flops that no one bought.

      As for Forza being “too big a franchise” to launch with, have you seen the sales of Forza 4 and Forza Horizon? Forza 3 sold 5 million so why the huge decline in sales? Don’t tell me the racing sim genre isn’t big because Gran Turismo 5 sold over 9 million copies. Hell, the GT5 demo sold well over 5 million.

      You say MS have been working on next gen games for the past three years now? So that’s explains the complete lack of games on the 360 for the past three years.

    • I don’t recognize any of those games you just mentioned except Gears, which if I’m not mistaken is actually a third party exclusive from Epic Games. I’ll take your word for it that these games you mentioned are lesser known gems and try them for myself before too long, but doesn’t that just prove my point? These games aren’t showing us Microsoft is capable of creating new IP. I still have to stand by my assessment that there isn’t much hope for solid long-lasting new IP from Microsoft given what I can currently find of their internal studios and their past games.

      I wait with bated breath to be proven wrong.

  2. None of those game you seem to think will launch with the next Xbox are system sellers. No one bought the first Alan Wake so what makes you think people will buy a new console to play the sequel. Same for PGR. As for RARE, none of their games sold on the 360 and they are the laughing stock of game devs now so no one cares about them. The stinkers that they released on the 360 are the reason we won’t get Killer Instinct 3. Kinect 2.0? Kinect 1.0 games don’t sell so what makes you think Kinect 2.0 games will sell. No one bought Dance Central 3 so that’s a dead franchise already in just 2 years. Fable 4? The sales of Fable the Journey says no one cares about Fable anymore. Black Tusk? I keep hearing about them but I don’t see anything. I expect nothing from them but more Kinect garbage. Halo 2 remake? So people will buy a 720 to play a ten year old game that they already own? Skpe? We all have access to Skype for free so why would we now pay MS to use yet another free feature? Ryse? I’ve been hearing about this vaporware for years but don’t see anything. Just more Kinect garbage. If that’s what to expect from MS then us core gamers won’t be impressed.

  3. I wonder if youll have to pay microsoft to use the internet connection you already pay for. Maybe theyll also charge you with an xbox electric bill on top of the electric bill you already pay.
    I wouldnt touch anything microsoft even with a kinect sensor bar and it only meant i had to wave my hand around.

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