Final Double XP Event for Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3: End Game released last week to Premium Players on PS3, and it is set to release tomorrow, March 12th, for all other premium members located on Xbox 360, and PC.  The developers at EA DICE have supported the game for 17 months, a rarity this past generation of gaming, and look to end the support with a final weekend of double XP!  On the premium calendar located on Battlelog, it shows that the final Double XP Event will be 72 hours long starting on March 15th.  The total for every round will be doubled at the end of the round on all ranked servers (not limited to the End Game DLC).  Start times for the event are provided by DICE as follows: “Los Angeles 02:00, Stockholm 10:00, and Tokyo 18:00.”

Get your game on and go for the colonel 100 rank this weekend if you haven’t attained it yet!  Metro 500% tickets is a great way to go up the ranks, or 500% tickets on any of the Close Quarters DLC maps.  I will be in the End Game maps and will PTFO with clan members, how will you spend the double XP event?




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