Pachter: PS4 and Next Xbox Will Sell Almost Twice as Much as Wii U

The South by Southwest (SXSW) Conferences are happening right now offering a bit of music, festivities, and gaming. Gaming analyst Michael Pachter has been presenting at a panel, speaking about the next-generation of gaming systems, including the Wii U, PS4, and Next Xbox (codenamed Durango).

What are some of Pachter’s predictions? Geoff Keighley tweeted a few pics from Pachter’s presentation and love it or hate it, he’s back at it again:

  • PS4 and the next-gen Xbox games will cost $70
  • The next generation will probably be the last.
  • Wii U likely to sell 30-50 million consoles throughout its life cycle
  • PS4 likely to sell 85-95 million consoles throughout its life cycle
  • “Durango” (or the next Xbox) is likely to sell 85-95 million consoles during its lifetime

Pachter’s notes also went on to mention that he thought the Wii U is too similar to current gen systems and not innovative enough.

What are your thoughts on Pachter’s predictions? Sound off in the comments below!


7 Responses to “Pachter: PS4 and Next Xbox Will Sell Almost Twice as Much as Wii U”

  1. wii u is garbage.

  2. WiiU isn’t innovative enough, but PS4c just an upgraded PS3 will sell 80 odd whatever million units?
    Wii was gonna be a niche too. WiiU was a fraction pre-mature launch. They haven’t begun dealing their major cards yet. Come PS4/720 launches, WiiU will be far cheaper with a much larger library of more signifigant games. Hell, even PS3 has just barely caught up.
    On that note consumers are just buying into PS3 and to a lesser extent 360s today. How will Sony n M’soft convince their customer base to lash out on new systems when they’re just lashing out on the old ones 5 years into their lives? And PS4 and 720 will divide their sales in half cause both systems are going head on to each other

    • Nicholas Gatewood March 12, 2013 at 6:48 pm

      The PS4 can record video clips of your gameplay and lets you stream your gameplay to friends, it lets you play almost all PS4 games on the go(through the Vita and Remote Play) and it’s a massive, massive increase in power over the PS3. The Wii U is roughly as powerful as a PS3 and its tablet is really low-quality, with a 480p, resistive, LCD screen and only 3-5 hours of battery life. The system doesn’t come with an internal hard drive, it’s underpowered and it’s more expensive than comparable systems with much better libraries, features and operating systems(PS3, 360).

      The Wii U is a disappointment. Any Nintendo fan who claims otherwise is just a Yes Man, never acknowledging Nintendo’s failures when they SHOULD instead tell them to improve. This is the first generation I’ve decided I’m not going with Nintendo, being behind a generation with hardware sucked with the DS and Wii and I’m not going through that again. The PS4 and next Xbox are guaranteed better third-party support than the Wii U just because the Wii U is so hilariously, disgustingly underpowered and the PS4’s confirmed to be a generational leap above the PS3(not sure about the next Xbox yet).

      I personally hope Nintendo replaces the Wii U and 3DS with systems that have decent hardware, the Gamecube hardware design philosophy was perfect for their business model. The Wii and DS were flukes, popular as a fad, and the 3DS and Wii U couldn’t possibly replicate their success just through marketing alone. Quality products are the name of the game now, and Nintendo would be better off shelving the Wii U and replacing it with a less-awful system than continuing on this awful path.

  3. hes quite simply incorrect, but he sticks to his guns

  4. Josh is garbage

  5. How come he thinks the new xbox will sell a ton when we don’t know what it is yet? It might be a brick with a dildo taped to it for $3000000, Will that sell 85-95 million units?

  6. Its sad to see nintendo in 2013 and compare it to nintendo in 1985. =(

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