Top Ten Comic Book Films

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Growing up most children hated reading. I constantly hear kids nowadays joke how “dumb” and “stupid” reading is and how novels, graphic novels, and mangas are for nerds. But when movies like Wanted come out everyone goes crazy. We at GamerXChange understand and respect all of the above. As time progresses more and more people take the helm of creating a comic book movie. Movies like Superman Returns make it obvious this feat isn’t easily done. With so many miss and hits how can we tell the best? Look on and see if I can help with my top ten best comic list.




10. X-Men First Class

This prequel to the original X-men Trilogy is brought to you by the same Director of “Kick Ass”. It features actors, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender as Charles Xavier and his well-known colleague Eric Lensherr (Magneto). This movie is an all around great flick with a fresh young cast that brings an exciting and awesome addition to the X-men movie series.



9. Spider-Man 2

I know what you’re thinking, “Oh, God! Toby McGuire.” We all know we are all still trying to forget Spider-Man 3 and all its accumulated tears. However, Spider-Man 2 truly wasn’t bad. Staring Alfred Molina and his mechanical friends this movie definitely deserves to be on this countdown.



8. Wanted

Another James McAvoy movie yes, I know but this one is just as good, correction, better than the last. Very loosely based on the comic book miniseries of the same name by Mark Millar and J. G. Jones, this film directed by Timur Bekmambetov stars Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman. So with a sexy girl and a kick butt voice what else could you need? An awesome story and even better plot twist makes Wanted one of the best comic book movies to see.



7. 300

“THIS, IS, SPARTA!!!” Probably one of the most repeated movie lines of recent times, spoof after spoof it never gets tiresome. As funny as the spoofs get, this movie is nothing but seriously intense. 300, a movie loosely based by the Frank Miller comic of the same name, can be referred to as one the memorable graphic novel movies of all time. The movie isn’t only about buffed up warriors kicking Persians back from once they came. With a great lead role played by Gerard Butler and a great plot to follow this movie will be an all time favorite.



6. Watchmen

An amazing but certainly easy movie to overlook by director Zack Snyder. Based off the graphic novel of the same name, Watchmen does not have many recognizable names in it but it’s nothing less than great. Zack Snyder also brings you movies like Immortals and soon the Superman: Man of Steel.



5. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Based off the graphic novels of the same name stars Michael Cera in another awkwardly quirky film. The movie follows Canadian Scott Pilgrim as he battles his way to the girls of his dreams heart. As girly as it sounds this movie is filled with kick butt fight scenes and memorable moments. This movie will easily become one of your most favorite movies.



4. V for Vendetta

Are you ever in that mood where you feel like you want to cause massive change? Most likely everyday right? V for Vendetta is definitely your kind of movie. The story of a French Revolution and you’re put dead center in the middle with Natalie Portman’s character and the masked vigilante V.



3. Sin City

Another beautiful Frank Miller creation brought to life. This Noir intense crime-thriller is put together amazingly by directors Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez and deserves to be up top of the list. Filled with six different story lines you’ll be at the edge of your seat wondering what could possibly happen next.



2. The Avengers

Nothing is better than a mash-up. Correction. Nothing is better than a mash-up of super. The Avengers was one of the most highly anticipated films of 2012. The director Joss Whedon has done amazing job connecting everyone to each and every super hero. No one overtook another but worked together in a way you’ll never forget.



1. The Dark Knight

Number one on my list is The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan. The story’s main character is surprisingly not the one you’ll keep your eyes on. Heith Ledger’s performance is breathtakingly amazing and will leave you wanting more. The Nolan Trilogy is made whole with its middle film.



So now you saw my top 10 comic book movies, what are your favorites? Discuss in the comments below!


3 Responses to “Top Ten Comic Book Films”

  1. There are too many comic book films for me to narrow them down by 10. With that said, I prefer the animated films over the live action ones – especially DC’s animated films.

    I would say my favorite comic book film would be The Avengers. It was the BEST comic book film by comic standards. On the other hand, The Dark Knight was probably the best comic book film by the standards of a cinematographer.

  2. This was amazing Jacob…. I loved everything that was written especially from the beginning. It had me so interested. Everything was very well put and well thought out. Great job!!!


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