PlayStation Giving Out PSN Credit To Loyal Fans

Have you checked your PSN inbox today? Well, you may have a surprise waiting for you. Currying favor with their loyal fans ahead of their big PlayStation Meeting 2013, Sony has started to send out PSN credits to customers.

This morning (at about 1 AM EST) I noticed a message waiting for me in my PSN inbox. What was waiting for me inside was a nice $10 credit for items on the PSN. You can see the message in the photo below (apologies, I took the picture with my cell phone. THIS is why we need in-game screen captures on the next gen systems!):


This was not part of any special promotion that I participated in, I assume it was just for being a long-time and regular PSN customer. So check your inbox if you haven’t already, you too may have a surprise waiting for you.

Have you received anything in your inbox? What do you plan on getting with your credit if you did? Sound off in the comments below!


6 Responses to “PlayStation Giving Out PSN Credit To Loyal Fans”

  1. Awesome, I received a code! Nice on ya Sony!

  2. I didn’t get it.

  3. Been with PS since 2008 and I didn’t get it either. How “loyal” does one have to be in order to get one? Or is this completely random and has nothing to do with how many games you bought and how much money you spent on the PS store?

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