All Signs Pointing To Next Gen Metal Gear Reveal At PlayStation Meeting

Today is the day, it is finally here. It’s February 20, 2013 and Sony is gearing up for massive news this afternoon. In addition to the hardware reveal that we all expect to be the PlayStation 4, many are expecting a list of games to be shown. One game that we can probably check off of the list – Metal Gear.

Over the past year, Kojima and his team have been teasing and showing off bits of the next step in the Metal Gear Solid franchise – Ground Zeroes and a mysterious game under the guise of ‘The Phantom Pain.’ Well, several signs point to a big announcement for Snake today at the PlayStation meeting. Here’s what we know:

First off, games industry member Tony Money made a tweet early Tuesday morning and posted a picture that went slightly under the radar. The tweet was simple and read as follows,

“Just got to see the new next gen metal gear trailer! My gawd!!!!!”

Could this likely be a trailer that will be revealed at the PlayStation Meeting? Well, what other proofs do we have pointing to MGS sneaking on stage?

Next, GameTrailers posted an interesting video today about the evolution of PlayStation. Interestingly enough, at the end of the video, they singled out Snake and his evolution from the PS1 to the PS3. From the 8 minute mark of the video until almost the end, there is a segment completely devoted to Snake. Chances are GT knows something the rest of us don’t.

The final hint comes from the website, The Phantom Pain is the (obvious) Metal Gear title that was teased at the VGAs in 2012. This update to the site has a phrase across the site which says,

Phantom pain is the codicil allowed by any conscious luminary in response to any truant limb or an apportion of the limb.  2:20

While the text is mainly a definition of what a phantom pain is, the significant part of the update is the “2:20” part which no doubt points to today, the day of Sony’s meeting.

Now, the Moby Dick Studios site, the supposed developers of The Phantom Pain, has stated that this title was shown on PC for the trailer and “the content is aimed at current generation consoles (PS3 & XBOX360).”  However, that doesn’t mean it can not show up on next-gen systems as well. Even if it is just for current systems, we still have a chance to see it at the PlayStation event as Sony will likely include all of their gaming hardware in the showcase.

Will we see more details on Ground Zeroes or The Phantom Pain? Or will we see something completely new from the Metal Gear series, possibly Metal Gear Solid 5? The countdown clock has begun! We will find out soon!

So are you looking forward to seeing some Metal Gear at the PlayStation Meeting? Sound off in the comments below!


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