Capcom: An Old Dog Who Needs New Tricks

Note[All opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect that of GamerXChange]

Capcom doesn’t need a comeback, they’ve been here for years, putting suckers in fear. Nothing more true can be said. Capcom has been around when we had no idea what a motion controller could look like. There is no one who can say Capcom isn’t known. From a little robot man shooting big robot monsters, to the Devil’s son himself and his family issues, Capcom has always been a big player.

Everyone mentions games like Call of Duty being the “greatest game series ever”. But everyone remembers as kids screaming Hadoken at each other. Capcom always delivers big, that is a fact. Companies as big as Nintendo respect this. Nintendo went as far as to even let Capcom work with one of their golden children. Capcom has developed around four different Zelda games. One can even say The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap is one of the greatest handheld Zelda games of all times.

Good things happen at Capcom, this we should all know. However, why don’t we get as excited hearing about Capcom as we do, Ubisoft Montreal, or Naughty Dog? No one gets excited about falling for the same tricks. Capcom is without a doubt amazing, but they’re old and at times tricky. The Devil May Cry series have been running for a long time, and now with this reboot, we have something “new” to look forward too. However, how long till we have to pay extra for Dante’s new life threatening mission? Even games like Street Fighter are starting to look jaded. Capcom needs something fresh, something new. They especially need whole games not bits and pieces.

They are a household name without a doubt, but with constant negligence to the people’s demand –  hey, they just might get kicked out. No ones like buying the same thing over and over again. Even going to see Lion King 3D a few months back seemed pointless, because we have already seen it hundreds of times. There is an invisible limit that no one knows how close or far we are from but we all can sense that it is there. Companies who ride on revamps and DLC are profiting now but who knows what happens when someone stops and says I’m tired of this. We as gamers love reminiscing the past; But man, do we love seeing the future. For a company like Capcom to truly avoid being a thing of the past. They need to make way for the future.


3 Responses to “Capcom: An Old Dog Who Needs New Tricks”

  1. Awesome stuff man

  2. thumbs up Jacobeiber <3

  3. Das ma boy

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