Five Games That Would Make Me Buy a PS4

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Sony’s holding an absolutely huge event tomorrow at 6 PM EST that many believe to be the official announcement of their newest home console – the PlayStation 4. While details such as pricing and release dates are more than likely not going to be announced, players might get a few early glimpses at some launch titles and other titles in the works. What can we expect to see is left in the air, but we can tell you what we hope to see. What games would sell me Sony’s PlayStation 4? Here’s a list for ya!



Uncharted 4

Naughty Dog set the standard for action games everywhere with the release of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. The original Uncharted released in 2007 to critical praise, but it wasn’t until the second title released that the series made itself known. The latest release Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception continued to prove that Nathan Drake still has it, and that the series saw no way of slowing down. Blending some fantastic storytelling, cinematic moments, and solid gameplay it goes without saying that a fourth entry for the likely-to-be powerful system would convince just about anybody to pick it up.


LittleBigPlanet 3

It’s no secret that Media Molecule wants to try something different and move away from the LittleBigPlanet series. That doesn’t mean, however, that the series needs to “die.” Many third-party studios have already taken hold of the license to create games such as LittleBigKarting and LittleBigPlanet PS Vita. The same can be done for a potential sequel to the series in LittleBigPlanet 3. However, with the new gameplay methods with the rumored PS4 controller, why not expand on the idea? Change the title to LittleBigUniverse, release it on both the PS4 and PS Vita, unifying all custom content on both platforms.


inFamous 3

Sucker Punch has been particularly hush about their latest project. With Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time having been developed by Sanzaru Games, fans have been wondering everywhere what the team behind the critically acclaimed inFamous series could be working on. I mean, by now we should have heard something about it, right? The reason for this is likely because the game is being worked on for the PlayStation 4 and it is probably inFamous 3. Despite the ending of inFamous 2, Sucker Punch is sure to find some way around the conflicting story issues to create a jaw-dropping sequel to continue Cole MacGrath’s story on the PlayStation 4.


Killzone 4

The beautiful game that is Killzone 3 was a sight for sore eyes for fans everywhere. The gameplay mechanics continue to evolve through each title, especially showcased when jumping from the original Killzone to Killzone 2. The story also improves each go around, providing one of the deepest space titles in a first person shooter to date. With an ending that pretty much confirms  another sequel, what better way to innovate than working with Sony’s newest console? The game would most definitely look absolutely stunning, and would innovate with Sony’s new methods of play on the PlayStation 4.



The Last Guardian

Remember this game? If you don’t, it is understandable, since we haven’t heard anything new from it in the longest. A spiritual successor to ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, The Last Guardian was said to create a deep storytelling and artistic experience far past the other two titles developed by Team Ico. The developers have been pretty hush about the title pretty much since its reveal. However, could have they been especially hush about the title because it has been moved over to be released as a PS4 launch title? If so, I have my reason to purchase the PlayStation 4 already, without even taking the other games on the list into consideration.

Runner Ups:

  • SOCOM title (Not likely)
  • Agent (RockStar title)
  • Watch Dogs (Ubisoft’s newest IP)
  • Jak 4 (Please?)
  • Kingdom Hearts III (A man can dream…)

Those are just five games that would get me to pick up a PlayStation 4 at launch. What games would convince you to pick up Sony’s newest powerhouse at launch? Comment in the comments section below, and be sure to check back tomorrow for the full jump on Sony’s PlayStation 2013 meeting!



6 Responses to “Five Games That Would Make Me Buy a PS4”

  1. Uncharted, a new Ratchet & Clank trilogy (good ol’, not some stupid TD), LBP 3 and Battlefield 4/Bad Company 3. That’s how I roll.

  2. Everything that’s on the list plus Ratchet & Clank, maybe another new Sly (doesn’t have to be at launch), I WISH Crash and Spyro (never gonna happen), Gran Turismo, FINAL FREAKIN’ FANTASY VERSUS XIII, Kingdom Hearts 3, can’t think of anything else.

  3. SOCOM! SOCOM! SOCOM! SOCOM! *cough* Ummm Evolution studios is going to be there, I’m guessing a new Motorstorm or a Project Gotham Racing like game since they picked up a lot of devs from PGR. Oh…I want a new Batman from Rocksteady!

  4. Dark Cloud 3
    I’d even settle for a Dark Cloud 1 and 2 HD collection. (on ps3 AND vita)
    c’mon Level 5 !!!!!!

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