Five Games That Can Save The Playstation Vita

Note[All opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect that of GamerXChange]

As you probably already know, the PS Vita isn’t doing too well. Proprietary memory cards, lack of quality software, and an expensive price point are common complaints. Now the only legitimate complaint is the extra memory card as they are expensive and it is a hassle to delete and download games constantly but that shouldn’t hold you back. What really is killing the Vita is the perception that there aren’t games. So here are five games that I feel would change that perception and make the Vita a must own console.

Bioshock Vita
First announced way back at E3 2011 by Ken Levine as his “pet project” we have seen nothing at all from the game. The most recent statement on the game is that “it’s in the hands of the business people”. That was back in 2012 so there is a good chance we will hear more about this game on February 20th. Now if this game eventually gets made and its a great game like the rest of the Bioshock series, is marketed well, and is not made by nStigate (formerly Nihilistic), then hopefully it will get gamers interested. Bioshock Vita can be part of what makes the Vita a hardcore gaming handheld.

GTA Vita
Grand Theft Auto is most likely, right now, the only series that can rival Call of Duty in popularity. Also because GTA doesn’t come out every year when one does release its a huge deal. Chinatown was huge on PSP so a GTA game on vita would likely have similar effect in the USA.

Sports Games
While yes, Madden and FIFA are on the Vita, they are inferior ports that are cheap cash ins. Sony needs to talk to EA and get these games ironed out. The Vita is most likely powerful enough to run direct ports of the console versions and if it’s not than at least try to make it a good game anyway. Also The Show should be cross-buy.

Gravity Rush 2/Uncharted Vita 2
Two Vita launch titles that were well liked. Both had a few glaring issues. The combat in Gravity Rush and the writing and gimmicky nature of Uncharted:Golden Abyss were disliked. Sequels to both these games could keep current Vita owners happy and perhaps fulfill the hype these two games brought before the Vita’s launch.

Assassins’ Creed Vita 2
Assassin’s Creed Liberation extremely well with 600,000 units sold. That doesn’t seem like a lot, but considering there have been about 4 million Vitas sold its a huge number. That means one out of every seven Vita owners has Liberation; That’s a huge attach rate. The next entry could star Connor or Altair since I don’t believe Aveline was particularly popular.

So those are some games I think would help the Vita find its place in hands and homes. What are some games that you think would save the system from sinking even lower? Sound off in the comments below!


One Response to “Five Games That Can Save The Playstation Vita”

  1. A new Persona game developed exclusively for the PlayStation Vita .___.

    …need more Persona .___.

    Everyday’s great at your Junes ^_^

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