PS Meeting 2013 Expectations: PS4 With a Large Dose of Vita

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Gamers worldwide have marked their calendars for next week, February 20, 2013. This is the date we are all eagerly anticipating – The day of PlayStation Meeting 2013. No doubt we all expect the next-gen Sony system to be unveiled at the meeting. Rumors for the PS4 have been swirling for a few years and are intensifying as we get closer to the date. Although I too expect the PS4 to be unveiled next week, I have this gut feeling that there will be a bit more to the program than that.

Now, I fully expect the PS4 to steal the show at PlayStation Meeting 2013. For the past few PS meetings, a new system has been unveiled. Early in 2011, the PlayStation Meeting was held in Japan to reveal the Vita (at the time NGP). This year, Sony has reserved a huge venue for the meeting – The Hammerstein Ballroom at the Manhattan Center Studios in New York. This big room can hold up to almost 3,000 people and Sony has made sure to send out the invitations to industry and media VIPs worldwide to fill it. This is for something big, this is for the PlayStation 4.

I can’t assume to know the specifics of the program and I won’t pretend that I know either. Still, I think that the PS4 might be a little bit smaller part of the show than we might all expect. It will by no means be small but I doubt Sony will go to the extent that a lot of gamers may be expecting. I believe Sony will show off the system itself but not its functions too much nor the games. I expect them to use a bit of GDC or more so E3, to really delve into the PS4, its features, games, and workings. What do I think we’ll see PS4-wise at the meeting then? The following:

  • Initial reveal of physical PS4 console
  • Brief explanation of their vision for the system and a few of its features
  • Possible tech demos
  • Third-party publishers briefly talk about their hopes and plans for the system
  • Possibly a teaser for 1-3 SCE first party games that will come to the system

I honestly do not expect much more. I don’t think we will see many official game announcements for the system yet. I don’t think that we will see much actual gameplay for those games either. I believe Sony will devote a large portion of their E3 show this June to cover all of that – game announcements, release dates, pricing, and so on. So what else do I expect from PS Meeting 2013? Well, this is about the “future” of PlayStation. That should include the newly acquired Gaikai and PlayStation Vita – both of which can be tied into some of the PS4’s presentation.

We haven’t heard anything much about Sony’s plans for Gaikai and the cloud gaming initiative except that it will be incorporated into the PlayStation brand soon. I expect some of the meeting to touch on that – possibly its use with the PS4 and even the Vita. Still, I think that will be a small part of the show. As for the PlayStation Vita, that is what I think we will see a lot more than many expect.

The Vita’s 1-year anniversary is landing just two days after the PlayStation Meeting 2013. As the system hasn’t been doing so well sales-wise, I feel this would be a perfect place to drive some hype for the device. With thousands of industry members packed into that room, Sony could make this their own conference like that of E3. Rumors have been rising about new Vita models, including a 4G LTE model. While I do not think a new Vita model is necessary at this point, it is possible. What I hope to see are games; Lots and lots of PlayStation Vita games. The handheld has been suffering a bit in the third-party support. Maybe this will be the time to show off some secret projects that will really push the machine. In addition, a price cut on memory cards, and while I don’t think necessary – maybe even the system itself, could help reignite some interest in the machine. What’s more, announcing firmware updates with significant changes, new apps, and even Vita functionality with the PS4 could help build up anticipation for the PS4 and desire for the Vita. Ideally, this will happen; But we’ll have to wait for the final outcome.

In conclusion, I do believe we’ll see the PS4. I don’t believe it will be a complete and full reveal. I think Sony will leave the major details of the PS4 for E3 2013 as they did with the Vita in 2011. I think it’s possible that we will see a bit of a focus on the Vita, leaving more room for the PS4 (and some Vita & PS3) at E3.

If you want to hear more thoughts from the GXC crew on what we expect and what we want to see next week, check out Episode #0 of the G-Cast: Geek Cast Episode 0

What about you guys? What do you expect the show to be like next week at PlayStation Meeting 2013? Sound off in the comments below!


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  1. Make it happen sony!

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