Geek Cast Episode #0 – Testing The Podcasting Waters

Hey everyone! So, we are finally taking those extra steps to bring you different content to check out right here on GamerXChange. Today, we debut the GamerXChange “Geek Cast” or “G-Cast.” Yes, we are finally testing the podcasting waters! The Geek Cast is a podcast where we will talk about the happenings in geek culture – video games, comics, anime, technology, and more! This first episode is a bit of a test for us, don’t expect anything too spectacular right now, but this is only the beginning. Hopefully we can make this a weekly event and improve on it each time. We’ll see! But for now, go ahead and check out the Geek Cast (recorded on February 13, 2013) below! We hope you enjoy!

[haiku url=”GeekCast0.mp3″]

    • Download (right click -> save as): Geek Cast #0
    • Music: Time (cdk Give Me Some Dubstep Mix) by cdk

On Geek Cast Episode #0:

GamerXChange’s editor-in-chief, Simply G, is joined by GXC associate editors and iGoGaming editor-in-chief Jalen Bell and associate editor Damien Munoz. We talk about this and that in gaming and comics but mainly focus on the big PlayStation event coming February 20, 2013. PlayStation Meeting 2013.

Links Mentioned In Podcast:

We hope you enjoyed the show. Discus it below, what do you think we will see at the PlayStation Meeting 2013? Also, feel free to send us suggestions on what you want us to talk about on the next episode of the show!




One Response to “Geek Cast Episode #0 – Testing The Podcasting Waters”

  1. Guywhothinksintroiswaytoolong Reply March 8, 2013 at 6:47 pm

    Intro is way too long

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