This Week On Twitter: Week of February 3, 2013

We are trying something new this week and depending on the response, we may or may not make this a weekly post. This week on Twitter – Twitter is full of geeky goodness. Tons of gamers and gaming industry members use it, comic book writers and artists, and more. So, throughout the week I have been keeping tabs of a few tweets that I figured I would compile into one end-of-the-week post. So here’s the first entry of “This Week on Twitter”! (I would like to apologize now if you do not see the embedded tweets, some people seem to be experiencing trouble. Please let us know if you are.)

Jalen Bell, editor-in-chief of iGoGaming, on Sony’s “wonderful” marketing. He knows what’s up.

I think we all would have paid to see this. (I just wish my pockets were as deep)

Good ol’ Super Bot. Sony ends their partnership with them and they’re still promoting the new DLC coming out next week.

Little did he know that his very words would actually become reality.

PlayStation’s resident beard. Ha! What??

Similar sentiments were echoed after the news of Rayman Legend’s delay.

Powerful proof that video games can change lives.

Lastly – Harmonix’s Nick Chester’s good morning welcome. I hope he along with the rest of you guys in the Northeast are staying warm!

That’s it for this week on Twitter. We’re always looking for funny, random, interesting geek tweets from across the web. So if you see something, make sure to send it to us using the “contact us” option at the top of the screen and FOLLOW US ON TWITTER We may feature your picks on the next edition. For now, discuss these tweets or others you found this week in the comments below!


2 Responses to “This Week On Twitter: Week of February 3, 2013”

  1. I love the one about Journey. Wow.

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