Journalist: Microsoft and Sony 'Committed Gaming Atrocities' In 2012

In this week’s episode of GameTrailer’s Bonus Round, games journalist Marcus Beer (aka Annoyed Gamer) expressed his views on the state of the industry, what has and hasn’t been done, in addition to what needs to happen in the future.

Commenting on the impending next-gen announcements from Microsoft and Sony, he retorted that Microsoft and Sony committed “gaming atrocities” last year.

With the exception of Halo and a few other games, Mr. Beer said that both companies failed to step up to the plate with their first party IP’s. He went as far as to say that Sony’s first party lineup (especially during the holiday season) was “diabolical” and Microsoft’s wasn’t too far behind.

With those negatives in mind, Mr. Beer rhetorically asked, where are the new IP’s are from Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft that would wow him. He indicated that he thought these new IP’s and great experiences – not media functions that can be found on PCs, tablets, and smartphones – will be important factors in how well the next-gen systems are received.

What do you think about his opinion? Do you share the same thoughts? Sound off in the comments below!




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