Battlefield 3: End Game Details Emerge

Battlefield 3 has had a successful post-launch reception with 4 expansion pack DLCs released so far, with another still on the way.  These expansions are bundled together in their Premium subscription service.  Being a member of Battlefield 3 Premium entitles you to benefits and exclusives that non-premium members cannot get.  These include but are not limited to: Videos, in-game content, reset stats, events, dog tags, strategy guides, queue priority, assignments, decals, and bonus content.  Premium members receive the main expansion packs a week in advance and save about $10 compared to non-premium members.

The premium service launched back in June of 2012 and its final content has nearly arrived; End Game will be available in March, with a possible late February release for PS3 Premium members.  When End Game was first announced, the only info that was available was that dirt bikes will be making their debut on the four new maps and the maps would be designed “for high-speed combat and action.”

A few weeks back news slowly came out through small Battlelog updates, that End Game would be including three whole new vehicles, and this included the “fast and agile dirt bikes.”  The other two vehicles was said to be a dropship to provide vehicle drop capabilities to support ground troops, and a fast moving AA.  Supplementing this info was the announcement that the classic Capture the Flag mode was making its return to the franchise.  Just this past week, the premium page on Battlelog was updated with information that the Air Superiority game mode was going to be included to allow players to engage in massive dog fights.  EA and DICE has since released a blog post describing End Game in detail and have released 2 trailers showcasing the two new modes.  Capture the flag’s trailer is available on the official Battlefield YouTube channel, and the Air Superiority trailer is available on Battlelog exclusively to Premium subscribers.  End Game’s four new maps will be designed with all 4 seasons in mind and will be released in March.

You can check out a gameplay trailer for End Game’s Capture the Flag below:

[jwplayer file=”” plugins=”agegate-1″]


Battlefield 3 was released for the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 back on October 25, 2011.  DICE and EA have Battlefield 4 in development as well, with a reveal certain to come in the near future.

(Via Battlelog)




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