Nintendo To Push For Western Localization of Japanese Games

It’s always great to see new game announcements but sometimes it can be disappointing when those new games are never exported from their country of origin. Nintendo however is hoping to change that. In Nintendo’s Financial Results Briefing today, Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata expressed his desire to push third-party games from Japan, overseas.

Acknowledging the differences in East and Western development patterns, Iwata stated, “We therefore plan to more actively support the Japanese software developers in distributing their key titles overseas this year. Among those third-party titles both developed and published in Japan, there have been some games which Nintendo published in Europe, including the Professor Layton series. We will increase the number of such games for the U.S. market as well as in Europe. We are also willing to flexibly assist third-party developers in distributing their valuable games overseas.

This could be welcomed news to tons of gamers in Western areas who have been itching for some DS, 3DS, Wii, and even Wii U titles to make it to their area. For the moment, there are no specifics on which developers, publishers, or games are being focused on, but no doubt we’ll hear soon.

Time for you to sound off: What Japanese games would you like to see localized?


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