Donkey Kong Country 3: Double the Trouble – Disc 5 | Review

Ah yes, Donkey Kong Country 3. The last entry in the series, and one of the best looking games on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. And, much like the other games in the series, this one got its own remake on the Game Boy Advance. However, unlike the previous remakes, this one had its own unique soundtrack by series composer David Wise. It also had a new world called Pacifica with unique level layouts. It was a fun remake, and added a lot to the already stellar original.

Why is this important, you ask? OverClocked ReMix has albums for both the original Donkey Kong Country, entitled Kong in Concert, and for DKC2, entitled Serious Monkey Business. So when the time came to complete the trilogy, there was a question to be asked. Should they stick to the SNES original, or take on the GBA remake’s soundtrack as well? The answer was actually quite simple: why not remix both? As a result, this is the largest OCR album to date. 77 tracks spread across 5 discs comprising nearly 5 1/2 hours of music… this is quite the gargantuan album. As usual, you can grab it for free right here!

Now if you’re familiar with my past album reviews, you should know the deal already. If not, here’s how it goes. My reviews are on a track-by-track basis, inspecting each track and writing out my train of thought as I listen to each track. Ordinarily this wouldn’t be an issue, but for some reason I said I would review this album in one sitting. And I did just that… well almost. I took breaks between each disc. Regardless, here it is: my review of Donkey Kong Country 3: Double the Trouble, done in one night. Enjoy~


Editor’s Note: Although the daunting task of completing this massive review was completed in one night, an editorial decision was made to divide the full review into five separate posts (one for each disc). This way, it will be easier for you to follow the details on each disc reviewed, without fatigue. This is the final part – part five for disc five. If you haven’t already, make sure you read all the rest! It’s definitely worth it. 


Disc 5 (Bonus Time!)

1. Take the World Back (Northern Kremisphere SNES) – Acolyte [5:59]
Here we are on the bonus disc! This song starts out slow, but gradually builds into the familiar tunes of the source track. 0:46 brings in some nice strings that really set the mood of the track along with the mild wubs prevalent throughout the track. 2:38 has some strings that keep the source going, and are followed with a slight breakdown at 2:58. This breakdown starts to build into the next part 3:48 or so, only to get some accompaniment at 4:27 as the song continues to climb towards its climax. This begins at 4:45 with some nice keys. The finale begins at 5:16.

2. Jitterbug System (Jungle Jitter SNES) – Flexstyle [3:05]
This song starts off immediately, getting right into it with the electronic sound. There’s some glitching around the 0:55 mark that leads back into some source usage. This is a pretty fun track to just groove to, as I’m finding myself doing. There’s a slight breakdown at 2:02 that builds into the finale, which begins at 2:15.

3. Rocket Rave (Rocket Run SNES) – Draconiator [6:25]
The familiar urgent beeping of the source is quite prominent at the start until it fades away at 0:25. Bits of the source come in slowly here, as the beat keeps driving forward. We get full source usage at 0:52, with some cymbals shortly afterwards. There’s some fun arrangement at 1:45 or so, followed by a breakdown at around the 2:24 mark. Everything drops off at 2:48 for a quick faux finale, only to build back up from there. This gradual buildup is finally redeemed at 4:09, when it all fades away to progress to the most likely final part. This begins with some bass at 4:22, and a countdown from 4:36 or so. After it hits zero, we have ignition, and the song blasts off to its climax with the driving beeping of the source coming back. As for the real finale, that begins at 5:45 or so.

4. Treetop Intense (Treetop Tumble SNES) – Danton F. [3:43]
The song begins at about 0:07, giving hints of a darker future for the song. We get some pretty intense source usage at 0:29 or so that pans from side to side, and some guitar at 0:47. There’s also a prevalent snare throughout here as well. Guitar comes in at 1:14, leading into a pretty fun solo shortly thereafter. 2:15 or so brings in another solo after a brief return to source. Everything really gets intense at 2:59 as the end is most definitely near.

5. Joyful Jungle Jig (Jungle Jitter SNES) – Chernabogue [2:45]
This starts off with some strong brass, and becomes pretty quirky at 0:11 or so. Well it certainly is joyful, so at least the title is accurate. It’s also definitely a jig. 1:24 brings in a breakdown that is just as jovial as the rest of the song. 2:12 brings another breakdown that’s mostly percussion, and this leads into the end of the song nicely.

6. Heart of Darkness (Cavern Caprice GBA) – CC Ricers [4:22]
The source track kicks into play at 0:10, nearly right off the bat. This is definitely a nice track, I’m really enjoying this. After a short breakdown, the source returns at 1:32. There’s another slight breakdown at 2:22 that is definitely leading into something. Dubstep comes in at 2:50 or so. The end begins at 3:56.

7. Canopy Crawl (Jungle Jitter GBA) – Evory feat. Gintokipianist [3:04]
Ah some nice relaxing piano, and at 0:15 it picks up the pace a bit. This pretty soothing, and a nice change-up from the rest of the album. There’s also a pretty rapid section at 1:32 or so. I don’t know, I was enjoying the song too much to pay attention to the time code. Nice ending too.

8. Banana Revolution (Flexstyle’s Slam-the-Breaks Edit) [Cranky’s Showdown SNES] – Flexstyle vs. Jason Covenant, AkumajoBelmont [4:49]
Here we have Flexstyle remixing another remix present on this album. Ladies and gentlemen, we have achieved remixception. This is why the world is ending: remixception is like dividing by zero. Regardless of that, this is a fun edit. In the world where the original is a hit song’s live performance, this would be a radio DJ’s remix of the song that would get spread around the internet and no one would remember who did the edit originally. The glitchy effect he applied to AkumajoBelmont’s voice is really great and adds to the feel of the song. All in all, it’s a pretty fun edit of the track. I’d expect no less from the combined might of The Concrete Men.

9. Cranky’s Christmas Mojo (Cranky’s Dojo GBA) – Peach [1:59]
And now for a relaxing yuletide rendition of another remix on this album. There’s too much remixception on this bonus disc; at least this one is done by the original remixer. Very soothing and the sleigh bells in the background add to the overall feel. 1:04 brings in a slight breakdown that leads into the finale.

10. Can’t Boss Us Around (Original Mix) [Boss Boogie SNES] – HoboKa [2:54]
Just like the one on the album proper, this starts out pretty intense. The source track is a bit easier to identify, but it seems to be mostly the same as the Robot Anarchists from Hell mix. This one just needs to be balanced a bit better, honestly. Regardless of that, this is a cool look at what became the track that’s on the main part of the album.

11. FrosTronix (Original Mix) [Frosty Frolics SNES]- Draconiator [5:40]
Just like the previous track, this is a fun look at an early version of another song on the album. In this case, it’s Permafrost. This is pretty cool, and gets the source into play almost immediately. There’s also some interesting samples used. There’s a slight breakdown at 1:40, and some strong bass at 2:11. The source returns at 3:13 or so. The prominent bass really drives this song along. The finale begins at 5:00 or so.

12. Dive (Water World SNES) – Theophany feat. JJT, prophetik, some1namedjeff, zykO [5:00]
This must be an alternative arrangement of this song, as opposed to Theophany’s “Deep Sea Lights.” Whatever it is, it’s quite nice. Jeff’s violin really drives this song along, and everything else comes together quite beautifully. I’m really enjoying this song. There’s a breakdown at 3:40 that’s just beautiful, and the song returns at 4:02. Such a wonderful song this was; the approaching end becomes evident at 4:38.

13. The Crystal Key is Broken (Mama Bird SNES) – Theophany [5:50]
This must take place after Theophany was Breaking the Crystal Key. Regardless, this is rather ambient and sparse at first, with hints of commonality dispersed throughout the soundscape. Then at 1:03, some backing bass attempts to bring those common elements together into the song. 2:04 clears away the bass and we get more of the strange ambient soundscape. 2:34 brings everything together suddenly into a cohesive sound. There is a hubbub of activity within the soundscape… Everything is building up to a finale, and that finally comes at 5:22.

14. Footloose Falls (Cascade Capers SNES, GBA) – Emunator [3:44]
Whew, the final track. Seventy-seven tracks, five and a half hours of music, all ending here. It starts off nice, and the familiar sounds of the SNES source kick off the rhythm. Some nice guitar comes in at 0:37, bringing the GBA source into effect. There’s some thick bass at 0:48 or so, and it becomes a driving force in the song. Who knew the two sources went so well together? This song definitely proves that they do. There’s a breakdown at 1:37, as the driving bass falls away. 2:07 brings in another breakdown with more of the SNES source, and gives way to some wubs at 2:27. The song returns to force at 2:39. The end of it all begins at 3:11, as the song winds down to its conclusion.


Here we are, at the end of the album at last. What a long aural journey it has been, and it’s been a good one. This album really shows the love the community has for these soundtracks, and the love the composers have for the community (as evidenced by the two tracks Dave Wise was involved with here). It’s quite the undertaking, and the end result is extremely polished. Flexstyle did a phenomenal job mixing and mastering this album to turn it into the cohesive masterpiece it is. You can grab the album for free here, and enjoy every minute of it. I know I did. Until next time, game on!


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