Donkey Kong Country 3: Double the Trouble – Disc 3 | Review

Ah yes, Donkey Kong Country 3. The last entry in the series, and one of the best looking games on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. And, much like the other games in the series, this one got its own remake on the Game Boy Advance. However, unlike the previous remakes, this one had its own unique soundtrack by series composer David Wise. It also had a new world called Pacifica with unique level layouts. It was a fun remake, and added a lot to the already stellar original.

Why is this important, you ask? OverClocked ReMix has albums for both the original Donkey Kong Country, entitled Kong in Concert, and for DKC2, entitled Serious Monkey Business. So when the time came to complete the trilogy, there was a question to be asked. Should they stick to the SNES original, or take on the GBA remake’s soundtrack as well? The answer was actually quite simple: why not remix both? As a result, this is the largest OCR album to date. 77 tracks spread across 5 discs comprising nearly 5 1/2 hours of music… this is quite the gargantuan album. As usual, you can grab it for free right here!

Now if you’re familiar with my past album reviews, you should know the deal already. If not, here’s how it goes. My reviews are on a track-by-track basis, inspecting each track and writing out my train of thought as I listen to each track. Ordinarily this wouldn’t be an issue, but for some reason I said I would review this album in one sitting. And I did just that… well almost. I took breaks between each disc. Regardless, here it is: my review of Donkey Kong Country 3: Double the Trouble, done in one night. Enjoy~


Editor’s Note: Although the daunting task of completing this massive review was completed in one night, an editorial decision was made to divide the full review into five separate posts (one for each disc). This way, it will be easier for you to follow the details on each disc reviewed, without fatigue. This is part three for disc three- But make sure you read all five! It’s definitely worth it. 


Disc 3 (Knautilus)

1. Knautilus (Title Theme GBA) – Theophany [4:53]
Here we are in the GBA portion of this album. It kicks off with some sonar and the sound of raindrops. Very atmospheric, and 0:30 brings in some calmness, with some Aquatic Ambience coming in at 0:48 or so. Very mellow, very soothing sounds are dispersed throughout this. They combine to create a calm atmosphere, and 2:08 brings a reprieve from the Aquatic Ambience usage for an even calmer track. A vocal sample comes in at 2:46 or so, followed by a return to the previous sound. I really enjoyed this song, and the end begins at 4:30 with another vocal sample.

2. Treehouse Campfire (Treetop Tumble GBA) – Level 99 [3:03]
This is a nice relaxing song, and it’s really soothing. There’s even some cowbell in it, adding to the acoustic feeling of the track. It’s very easy to get absorbed into this song, I have to admit. There’s an acoustic guitar solo at 1:24 or so that brings in a tune from the original DKC. 2:32 brings in another classic tune, only to give way to fireworks at 2:48.

3. Piña Kremlada (Northern Kremisphere GBA) – Hylian Lemon [2:36]
Hylian Lemon always makes such happy tunes, and this one is reminiscent of some of his earlier work while also retaining the sound of his more recent mixes. He has the tropical chip sound down so incredibly well, it’s crazy. This one is so fun, and the breakdown at 1:23 is one of the more fun parts of it, only to return to the fun at 1:48. The finale kicks off at 2:07.

4. Thump Brothers (Brothers Bear GBA) – Flexstyle [2:40]
Here we have some beatboxing with quite the sound effect in the background, only to have the source come in at 0:20. Some chippy sounds quickly accompany it. There’s quite the bass-filled breakdown at 1:04 or so. With cowbell. Because everything is better with cowbell. The beatboxing is pretty good too, and the source returns at 1:39. The finale begins at 2:15.

5. Accident! A Mountain Rescue by Skies! Glory! (Frosty Frolics GBA) – PROTO·DOME [2:17]
The title of this sounds like an anime episode title. Not surprising from Proto here. The song has some fun piano that adds some flute shortly after its appearance. Chips come into play at 0:38, with the flute at 0:48. Some more jazzy parts come in around the minute mark. There’s also a brief breakdown at 1:29 or so. We’re done with this at 2:13 in classic Proto style.

6. Party’s Over There (Bonus Time GBA) – OA, DragonAvenger [3:11]
Is the party over here or over there? Which is it? Regardless of that, this is quite the fun happy little song. Some horns come in at 0:32, taking the part of the main source. It’s pretty hard not to headbop along to this. The main source returns at 1:20 after a short breakdown. Another breakdown comes in at 1:47, only to return to the main song at 2:42 that heralds the incoming end of the song.

7. Ripsaw Boogie (Treetop Tumble GBA) – ilp0 [4:32]
This is quite funky, and quite reminiscent of some classic rock songs. At the very least, the sound is there. The guitar tone is unique, I must say, and 0:58 brings an interesting breakdown. Then again, this is ilp0, so that’s not surprising at all. The breakdown finally ends at 1:59, with the transition back to the main song. There’s another interesting breakdown at 2:48 that reverts it back to the way it started. This quickly gives way to a guitar solo, which itself gives way to the finale at 4:07.

8. The Paper Chase (Chase GBA) – Diggi Dis [3:08]
This song starts out with some classic Diggi Dis groove, with some nice acoustic guitar and heavy beats. Some nice flutes come in at 0:42 briefly, adding to the funky atmosphere. The soundscape begins to build at 1:12 or so, with some intense strings at 1:24 joining the fray. There’s a brief breakdown at 2:08 that gives way to some lovely acoustic guitar at 2:24. The main source returns at 2:45, signaling the impending end of the song.

9. Funky’s Tricks (Funky’s Game) – Malcos [3:09]
Funky got a game of his own in the GBA remake, which tasked players with steering a boat and shooting Kremlings out of the water. It was interesting, but it was fun in its own way as well. This song quickly fills the soundscape with some lovely groove. I’m just grooving along with it while I’m writing this, not really paying attention to the time on Winamp for cues. The finale to the song really begins at 2:09, setting the stage for the final parts.

10. All Mixxed Up (Hot Pursuit GBA) – zykO [6:11]
The atmosphere of this song is distinct, and 0:15 brings in the rhythm and beat. There’s some guitar at 0:36, panning immediately from side to side. There’s a slight breakdown at 1:15 or so, and another at 1:53 or that slowly speeds up into another segment of the song that features that same guitar from earlier. There’s some “ahh”s in the background starting at around the 3:00 mark; everything but guitar falls out at 3:30, bringing the instrumentation back at 3:52. There’s some vocals at 4:38 that come in and are quite interesting. The finale begins at 5:47 or so.

11. Arichnophobia (Arich Boss) – Flexstyle feat. Paul Capps [4:12]
Everything about this song can be found out in the first ten seconds: there’s a beatdown coming, and it’s gonna be awesome. Synths appear at 0:38, bringing in some source usage. There’s a slight breakdown at 1:22 or so, followed by that source from the earlier synth at around 1:46. Wubs come in at 2:05, which give way to the main track once more at 2:36. The end of the track begins at 3:53 or so.

12. Vext (Pokey Pipes GBA) – GSlicer [3:48]
This song wastes no time in getting started, beginning instantly. There’s a breakdown at 0:37 which gives way to source at 0:47. The beat comes back at 1:05. This is quite the fun song. There’s another breakdown at 2:20 or so; the source returns at 2:51. As for the finale of this song, that comes at 3:38 or so.

13. Post-Apocalyptic Society (Boss Boogie GBA) – Harjawaldar [2:27]
This starts quite intense and ominous, sounding more like something that would play during a crazy nigh-unwinnable battle than something from a DKC game. Some great guitar comes in at 1:07, squealing and shredding included. Metal pervades every note of this song, and it creates quite the dark feeling; thankfully, the ending at 2:25 helps to remove that shadowy cloud.

14. Nutz in the Head (Nuts and Bolts GBA) – zykO [6:34]
Much calmer than the last track, with some nice vocals and a calming atmosphere. This begins to falter at 0:28 and gives way a few seconds later to the heavy sounds formerly sealed beneath the surface. Some guitar comes in at 1:38 or so, and 2:38 brings in a breakdown that brings in a much less full soundscape. The fullness returns at 3:00, however, and the guitar follows shortly after. However, the intensity of the song seems to be distorting that at various spots during the song. 4:20 has everything but synths drop out, and the song slowly builds back up from there. The drums return twenty seconds later, and quickly regain their former place in the soundscape. The climax of the song begins building up at 5:29, reaching its height at 6:05, when everything begins dropping out to bring the end of the song in.

15. Tangerine Fever (Mill Fever GBA) – Mazedude [4:58]
Here we are at the end of the third disc, and some more Mazedude is here to greet us. Source usage comes in at 0:20, with more ten seconds afterwards. There’s a slight breakdown at 1:10 or so, and that gives way at 1:38 for some source arrangement, which is quite well done. 2:12 brings in some awesome bass usage that transitions into a much calmer section of the song. This builds slowly until 3:41 when everything returns in time for the final part of the song. The end begins at 4:49.



Editor’s Note: This brings us to the conclusion of disc three. Make sure to read the rest of the reviews (that means all the way to disc 5!) for full impressions and concluding statements!


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