One Of The Best Gaming Generations, Tarnished By Nonstop Complaining

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There is no need to point out the irony, I’m complaining about other people complaining, but someone needs to say it. The current generation of gamers have really let me down in a number of ways. The sense of entitlement, the constant fanboy back and forth, and the never-ending string of complaints has really tarnished what was arguably the best generation in gaming of all time.

I’ve been hooked on gaming ever since I first played Super Mario Bro’s on the Nintendo Entertainment System back in the 1980’s. Back then we were thankful just to have something like video games, it seemed so futuristic and even if we spent all of our allowance on renting a game every weekend, we never complained. Some of the games back then were pretty terrible, we knew it, but we took it in stride and went on to the next game. I can remember feeling a bit ripped off at the Super Mario Bro’s 2 ending, turns out it was all just a dream. If something like that were to happen to today’s gamer’s I’d shudder to think of the possible ramifications, people suing Nintendo? Petitions passed around? Internet boycott? These things sound far-fetched to some, but if you have kept up with recent gaming news you’d realize that those are things that people have actually done recently. I remember playing X-Men for my Sega Genesis back in the mid 1990’s, I was a bit older and the X-Men cartoon was ruling Saturday Mornings, of course I wanted to play the game. My brother and I wasted days on that game, every time we’d play we would get a little further, finally we got to the last boss but there was absolutely nothing to do; The timer just kept running out and we’d end up with a “Game Over” screen. Years later I learned that you needed to do a soft reset of the Sega Genesis in order to complete the game. This is the type of thing that wouldn’t be allowed to happen in the current day and age of gaming, the backlash would be severe.


Even though the Mass Effect 3 ending really brought the complainers to the forefront, there were other complaints beforehand. As for Mass Effect 3, I thought it was a masterpiece, and sometimes it’s not the ending itself but rather the journey that matters. I didn’t have a problem with the ending at all, I had my own thoughts on what I thought it meant and what I thought happened. One might complain that you need a clear-cut ending, but I would say that video games have blurred the entertainment medium and are looked at a lot of times like interactive movies or stories anyway. There are a ton of movies that released that leave the ending to interpretations, some have alternate endings as added content, and I feel like games should be allowed to be creative in this same aspect. Mass Effect was one of the best new IP’s this generation, no matter how it ended it was still better than 90% of what was released this generation. Bioware has had nothing but critical success in their time crafting video games, now while I do think that EA has had a slightly negative effect on Bioware, I still believe that the quality of their games are very good. I was actually hoping that Bioware wouldn’t cave to the pressure that was being put on them, had they made and released a totally new ending, it would have led the way for the same thing in the future for other games, which wouldn’t have been good for gamer’s or the industry.

Two recent stories that garnered a lot of complaints sort of blew my mind a bit, first being that Lara Croft wont be swimming in the new Tomb Raider game that is set to release next year. We have yet to see much on the game aside from the stunning showcase at E3 and some various other footage, but in all of that footage the game looks amazing. It’ll be the first Tomb Raider game I will be buying on day one since the early Tomb Raider games on the PS1. The fact that a character doesn’t get to swim has absolutely no bearing on whether or not I’ll buy a game, and anyone who would judge a possible purchase of a game on something so meaningless really needs to rethink their hobby. The other bit of recent news that I’ve seen a lot of complaints about is the new Mini Wii that is scheduled to release in December. Why complain about something that you don’t have to buy? I admit as a gamer who likes the Virtual Console it doesn’t pique my interests much, but I can see a group out there that would like something like that. Someone with younger kids, or someone who was just looking for a cheap way to play a ton of great Wii games with no hassles. The odd thing is that I heard no complaints when the PS2 got a slim, or the PS3….twice. I just don’t see the need to complain or moan about something that you don’t have to purchase or really even understand.


Is box art really something to get upset about? Have we gotten to the point where we’ve run out of things to complain about so we resort to complaining about something as meaningless as box art, or even a branding on the box? I remember people complaining about the GameStop logo on Assassin’s Creed 3, and just recently everyone is up in arms over Bioshock Infinite’s cover art. I just fail to see how cover art is going to cause someone to purchase a game, or not purchase a game. It’s probably one of the least important things, and it should have absolutely no bearing on whether or not you are going to buy a particular game. I’m fairly certain that the majority of people who complain on the internet, are the minority when it comes to overall gamer’s, but it’s still sad to think of those people being looked at as the ones speaking for every gamer. The truth is that most gamer’s don’t go online and don’t complain, they still are thankful for such amazing games and experiences, we aren’t really owed anything, we aren’t entitled to anything, and we shouldn’t have any say whatsoever in how a developers own vision is played out for us. I would compare this theory to what I tell angry Star Wars fans, George Lucas had his own vision for the franchise and the Star Wars Saga, and since its his own idea, it obviously can’t be wrong. How can we tell someone their own creation is wrong?

The main point that I’m trying to make is that gamer’s are more divided now than ever, we need to come together and not get upset at all the little things, it really makes every gamer look bad. As a gamer for over 20 years I’ve had to break through a lot of stigmas, gamer’s were looked at as nerds or losers who live in their parent’s basement, and if you were a gamer you probably didn’t have a life, job or any responsibilities. I’m so glad that those days are behind us, but unfortunately we have a new issue, and its all the ignorant people who complain and don’t realize they are the ones who people see, and thus every gamer will get associated with. I’m not really a complainer, I roll with the punches and if I don’t like something, I wont play it. Why waste time commenting or trolling something you don’t enjoy? I’d much rather spend my gaming time with games I have fun with, wasting time on the internet complaining and whining isn’t a high priority. Next time you want to complain about something that isn’t really worth wasting the time typing, just remember that you represent an entire gaming community and you should try to make us all look positive, not like childish, ignorant, angry and racist punks.


5 Responses to “One Of The Best Gaming Generations, Tarnished By Nonstop Complaining”

  1. I haven’t heard any of those complaints. Maybe if you stay off the fanboy forums you won’t hear these things.

    What has ruined this gaming generation is the wannabe uninformed so called gaming “journalists”. Journalism used to be a professional that require college education in said field. Now any idiot with an Internet connection can spew uniformed fanboy BS, like the author of this trash.

    • You know, I am a regular on this site, but I just don’t like to comment much. Reading your comment, I just have to say something because your comment shows that you are a trolling douche.

      I bet you’re the same guy I have been trolling this guy’s articles for some time now. Gtfo if you don’t like to read it.

    • Damn. Typo. I have seen trolling*

    • Nice try Crapgamer.

  2. I believe gamers are spoiled. This generation and the advent of social media, leaps in technology, and so on have contributed to this degradation of the gaming community.

    With the internet so widely available now on phones, tablets, computers, gamers can communicate and find like-minded (almost hive minded) individuals who then form cliques. These communities have ideals that spread like a virus. Anonymity found online gives many the courage to be vocal and that can go to their heads.

    The gaming industry has also provided services and features on systems and devices which we never had before. Now that they are “standard” with many devices, gamers have forgotten what once was. There is an unwarranted sense of self-entitlement that settles among various groups.

    But then again, we must realize the gaming community found online represents a very small fraction of the consumers who actually purchase games.

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