Sony Computer Entertainment President Shuhei Yoshida Has a Nintendo Wii U

I came across this on my Twitter timeline today. Another good example against the delusions of this imaginary console war: Shuhei Yoshida, President of Worldwide Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment, has revealed on Twitter that he now has a brand new Wii U.

What many fanboys (and girls) who adamantly support one system and pursue crusades against others do not realize, not even those in charge of these companies are so vehemently against the competitor’s products. In fact, many, if not most of them, own (and enjoy) products from their competitors.

Further, when asked by one of his followers on Twitter about the comparison of the Vita and Wii U, Yoshida replied that they should not be compared, indicating that they are two completely different machines.

So here’s a “Thank you” to Shuhei Yoshida, as always a class act and great example of members in the gaming industry who are true gamers.

What do you think of Shuhei’s statements and the fact that he owns a Wii U? Have you purchased a Wii U or Vita this year? How are you enjoying your device? Sound off in the comments below!



5 Responses to “Sony Computer Entertainment President Shuhei Yoshida Has a Nintendo Wii U”

  1. Inb4 a Nintendo worshiping fanboy says he got it to steal ideas for the next gen PlayStation.

    • Well what better to slight your competitor than to purchase their product? I dont know if thats what he did it for. Could very well be he, like others, see the fun and potential In Wii U and wanted to have happy thoughts away from Sonys ongoing troubles.

  2. its funny that the guys who make the systems aren’t bias to system like the people who they sell them too.

  3. That’s normal. Miyamoto and Hideo Kojima used to play PS2 together, and Reggie plays Gears of War. This “blind faith and hatred” is exclusive to crazy brand fans who refuse playing anything else. I’m not saying everyone who plays just one game is crazy. Just that if they defend it so much, they probably never opened their mind enough to other good games.

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