PlayStation Vita PlayStation Plus Bundle Spotted

If you missed out on the great PlayStation Vita deals that came with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, don’t feel too, too bad.  GameStop has listed a new PlayStation Vita bundle that includes that wonderful PlayStation Plus subscription. The bundle is called the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection PlayStation Vita Bundle. What do you get with this bundle? All for $299.99, you get the following:

  • PlayStation Vita 3G/Wi-Fi system
  • 1-year membership to PlayStation Plus
  • Unit 13 game voucher
  • 4GB Memory Card

No doubt the value of PlayStation Plus is without question pretty great, especially for new system owners. PlayStation Plus just hit the PS Vita last week and had a great launch update on the system. Unfortunately, all those great games that are available on the PlayStation Vita’s instant game collection for PS+ will not quite do too well with the 4GB memory card included in the bundle. For example, Unit 13 which is included in the bundle in the form of a voucher, is a 1.2 GB download. Uncharted: Golden Abyss, which is part of the PS Plus instant game collection is a 3.2 GB download. So once again, the major gripe with the Vita seems to still be present in this bundle – a small memory card which will cost a pretty penny to upgrade. To really take advantage of all the PS Plus goods, the largest memory card, a  32GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card, is probably the best option but it comes at a high price. Will Sony finally drop the price in the memory card at least for this holiday season? We’ll have to wait and see.

The bundle is listed for a December 7th release date. Whether or not this bundle will be offered at other retailers is yet to be seen. For now, GameStop seems to be one of the only ones advertising it.

Update 11/29/12: Sony has updated the public with official information on the bundle: It appears that now not only is GameStop selling the bundle but Amazon is also another retailer taking part in offering this deal. In addition we now have official images of the bundle for you to view below:

[nggallery id=133]




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