PS Plus Hits The Vita Next Week With FW Update v2.00

Back in August, Sony announced that its premium gaming service, PlayStation Plus, would be making its way to their handheld, the PlayStation Vita. Today, we have official word on when exactly you’ll be able to experience the benefits of PS+ on your Vita.

PlayStation Plus will be enabled for the Vita on November 19th. The service will be ushered in by means of a system software update, version 2.00. This software (or firmware – FW) update will allow the Vita to perform many of the functions that are included in the PS+ service on the PS3 such as automatic trophy sync and cloud storage. So let’s get down to the details on what you will get with PS+ on the Vita next week and the upgrades coming with FW Update v2.00.

Vita Update v2.00:

On November 19th, the Vita will have a software update made available which will include the following updates and changes.

  • PlayStation Plus service*
    • 1GB online game save cloud storage
    • Automatic trophy sync
    • Automatic updates
  • New Email App
  • Content Manager– Addition of wireless PC sync and online storage access.
  • Video App– 1080p playback added plus closed captions.
  • Browser App– Improved functionality, upgraded rendering engine, GPU processing optimization, other performance upgrades by HTML 5 and JavaScript. You can also now Tweet URL from within browser.

*PlayStation Plus Vita:

Starting on November 19th, you will be able to access most PS+ perks on the Vita as noted above. However, you must wait until November 20th (in North America) or 21st November (in Europe) to get the free games, instant game collection, and discounts from the service. This is when the PS Store updates. When the online store updates, you will be able to find these goodies waiting for you:

  • Instant Game Collection (free games available on Nov. 20 to download)
    • Uncharted: Golden Abyss
    • Gravity Rush
    • WipEout 2048
    • Jet Set Radio HD (Vita)
    • Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack!
    • Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions
  • Other video game discounts and bonuses

The instant game collection list above is for North America. The European list may differ slightly. PlayStation has assured us that each month, new games will be made available as part of the instant game collection for Vita, as has been done on the PlayStation 3 side of PS +. PS + will be available to all Vita users at a price of $17.99 for 3-months or $49.99 for 12 months. If you already have PS+ on your PlayStation 3, you will NOT need to pay anything additional for Vita PS+ service.

Sound off in the comments below: What do you think of the service that PlayStation is offering through PS+? Are you happy it’s on the Vita now? What games do you want to see in future updates? Discuss all things PS+, PS3, and Vita below!


One Response to “PS Plus Hits The Vita Next Week With FW Update v2.00”

  1. fiiiinnnaalllllllyyyyyy. so excited to have a weekend of football and gaming
    and by that i mean i have all these games and battle royal to play next week

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