Pachter: Wii U A New Console Using Last-Gen Technology

Industry analyst Michael Pachter is no stranger to statements that have received a bit of backlash on the internet from the gaming community. Still, he is respected by many in the industry itself as one of the go-to people for the state of the video games market. One of his latest statements was made in a Bonus Round centered on Nintendo’s upcoming system, the Wii U.

While discussing Nintendo’s business habits and the upcoming Wii U along with other industry members, Pachter said that Nintendo, “Should not have made a new console on last generation technology.” He further added, that the Wii U’s gamepad and new control scheme is not intuitive or innovated enough to capture the masses like its predecessor the Wii did.

To remedy Nintendo’s “predicament,” Pachter suggested that Nintendo should license its IPs to mobile game developers and put GameBoy and GameBoy Advance games on cell phones where it would reach hundreds of millions of people and possibly create a new target group to sell Nintendo hardware to. However, Pachter said that he thinks Nintendo is angry at the mobile market for what it is doing to their systems and too stubborn to go this route.

To his credit though, Pachter did give positives saying that he believes the system will sell out this holiday season, albeit to hardcore Nintendo fans mainly. He also believes that by 2013, Nintendo will catch up with current systems such as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 where they will all launch games at the same time like Battlefield 4, the next Call of Duty, and Assassin’s Creed.

What are your thoughts on his statements? Sound off in the comments below.


6 Responses to “Pachter: Wii U A New Console Using Last-Gen Technology”

  1. Well gosh, if Mr. Pachter says it, it must be true! Nevermind he’s wrong 90% of the time about pretty much everything. He’s an Analyst, so he MUST be right!

  2. the clown of all anal-ysts has spoken. now to wait for his bullshit to be proven wrong yet again.

  3. Patcher, I’m going to be frank with you: You do not know what is best for Nintendo.
    You also do not understand the reason why first-party IP’s are supposed to STAY first-party, especially in Nintendo’s case.

    If anything, your idea of a smart profit move would do nothing more than drive people AWAY from purchasing a Nintendo system.
    Why buy the latest Mario and the official Nintendo handheld it’s on when you can get a licensed Mario game on your phone, after all?
    Your plan would literally take one of Nintendo’s most profitable IP’s and make it work against hard-ware sales for the company.
    And in case you had not noticed, unlike Sony and Microsoft, NINTENDO’S MAIN BUSINESS IS GAMING SYSTEMS.
    They’ve already stated they will never go full software.
    Your suggestion is nothing more than a veiled push in the direction of going full software.
    It would be harmful to the company, especially if you take the gateway theory into account; allow Mario to be licensed out freely, and suddenly everyone stops buying the rest of Nintendo’s other lucrative first-party IP’s on Nintendo’s systems because they assume Nintendo will break their promise and license those out to other areas, as well.
    There goes half the reason they became a gaming company.
    And it would be the fault of an analyst, you, who has little understanding of why Nintendo has succeeded for so long.

    To put it bluntly, Patcher, your suggestion would easily ruin Nintendo in the long run.
    If you were as smart as you believe yourself to be, you would retract it and rethink your stance before trying to tell Nintendo what is best for them.

  4. hes a retard talking out of his ass

  5. patcher=plankton

  6. This guy is so off it’s just terrible and i’m not a Nintendo fan, but i have noticed he seem to have some anti Nintendo thing going. Sony or Microsoft paying him, or he just trying to keep in with the internet ms/sony fanboy community?
    The WiiU seem to have 2 GB of ram, a GPGPU with dx10/dx11 level features, a multicore processor, bluray level disc system and a pretty advanced tablet controller, calling that old tech is a bit strange.

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