PlayStation Uploads Another 10/23 Teaser: "The Arrival"

It is entirely possible that you have been living in a cave away from society, surviving off of beaver milk, and failed to see the teaser that PlayStation posted on YouTube earlier this week entitled, “The Reload.” If that’s your case, “The Reload” teased an October 23, 2012 reveal from PlayStation. Of course, we (along with the rest of the gaming community) went into overdrive analyzing the video and its possible meanings. The most probable outcome of these teasers is PlayStation’s revival of its “Long Live Play” marketing campaign that launched last year with a similar video – “Michael.”

Well, PlayStation isn’t done yet with the teasers and viral videos. Today, a new video was posted entitled, “The Arrival.” Once again, we see the same girl from the Michael video last year and “The Reload” video from earlier this week. However, this time she has what seems to be a different visitor. Check out the new teaser below:



Once again, we have no idea what this could really mean. I’m willing to wait until 10/23 and see before any additional speculation. More than likely, we will see PlayStation’s revival of the Long Live Play campaign through the holiday season. Or it could be something completely different – a game reveal maybe? We will see.

Sound off in the comments below! What do you think “The Reload” and “The Arrival” teasers for October 23 are pointing to?


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