Analyzing PlayStation's Teaser

So, by now, you have likely seen the new teaser trailer for PlayStation’s upcoming announcement on 10/23/12 entitled, “The Reload.” There is a lot of speculation as to what will be revealed. We really do not know but after studying the video, sniffing around on the web, here are some thoughts as to what it could be.

Let’s first put out the obvious: The actress in this video is the same actress that was seen in the “Michael” trailer from last year. She is also in a similar setting. The Michael trailer turned out to be commercial – a homage and thanks to gamers in addition to an easter egg teaser of sorts for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. This was the start of the “Long. Live. Play.” marketing promotion PlayStation launched late in the year – in fact, about this same time last year. In turn, it is possible that this new teaser could be for a new line of “To The Gamer” commercials or some other marketing promotion that Sony plans to launch for the holiday season. Could this just be “Long.Live.Play” reloaded? A new round of marketing for the PS brand? At the same time, like Michael and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, it could be a teaser for an unannounced game.

Next, could this be inFAMOUS related? The obvious assumption of an inFAMOUS game comes from the fact that there is electricity buzzing all around accompanied by the sound of footsteps in the teaser. The main character of inFAMOUS, Cole, had electricity related powers, so it could indeed be true. But something else struck me, something that probably went under the radar for most. Sucker Punch Productions, the developer of the inFAMOUS series, tweeted something earlier this month. The tweet went as follows and can be seen below in the image,

@RealityPales @Naughty_Dog @PlayStation hey don’t let out our secret if you happen to find out OK :)

The end of inFAMOUS 2 let a lot of gamers wondering what would happen to the series. With two very different endings for the game, it’s understandable that these questions came up, the main one being – Will there be an inFAMOUS 3? Could Sucker Punch’s secret be inFAMOUS related? Could it be a new IP? Could it be related to this announcement next week? Indeed, we’ll have to wait and see.

Now, as you may have noticed in the title of this article, Ape Escape is mentioned. A little hint that may have gone unnoticed by many in this teaser was the sign on the girl’s desk. Take a look below (Click to enlarge):

[singlepic id=1973 w=400 h=400 float=center]


The words in the image highlighted by the red box say, “Saru! Get You!” Which is the English translation for Ape Escape’s Japanese name. So the trailer obviously has some sort of relation to Ape Escape in the very least. In addition to the words, the electric sounds and lights flashing could be from a time distortion as the Ape Escape games used a “Time Net” that sent monkeys back to the future and a stun club that seemed electric. Will we see a new Ape Escape game? How do the electricity, gun, other symbols and items in the trailer add up?

For now those are the main things we have noticed. Of course, the girl is reloading what appears to be an Uzi (pardon my lack of knowledge in the guns area) but that obviously must have some relation to the whole trailer. Going back to Ape Escape, it is a weapon of choice for some of the apes. In addition, there is a sign on the right side of the video on the wall that has the PlayStation symbols in pink, green, orange/red, and blue (as they are on the controller – also appeared on the Ape Escape HUD). There also appears to be some sort of writing beside the Ape Escape sign with the words ” Limbo City” which is from the DMC series (thanks to those who pointed it out). So this once again takes us back to the start of a mix of games together.

What does all of this mean? I throw my figurative hands in the air because I really don’t know and couldn’t tell you. Could this be related to the PSN store relaunch? Sucker Punch related, a new PlayStation mash-up MMO,  inFAMOUS sequel, Ape Escape, a new set of commercials for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, or just a new marketing ploy for the PlayStation brand as a whole? How does it all add up? We will find out and we will be sure to tell you when the announcement is made on Tuesday October 23, 2012.

For now, what do you think the trailer is for? Did you notice anything else in the video that we missed? Make sure to post your thoughts below!



2 Responses to “Analyzing PlayStation's Teaser”

  1. First word is LIMBO

  2. Limbo City – DMC

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