Film: DC Animation Lineup For 2013

NYCC continues to drop the news about the latest in comics and geek culture. This weekend, DC Entertainment and Warner Brothers Animation revealed the lineup for their 2013 offerings.

For those of you who don’t know, the award winning graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns has been divided into two feature film adaptations. The first part dropped in September of this year, part two will be the first project up in 2013.  Along with that, a popular video game, one of Geoff John’s Brainiac stories, and a DC Universe changing event all will have film adaptations. So here’s the lineup:

  • The Dark Knight Returns Part II – Early 2013
  • Lego Batman: DC Heroes Unite – Spring 2013
  • Superman: Unbound – Summer 2013
  • Justice League: Flashpoint – Fall 2013

Excited for any of these films? Sound off in the comments below. While these movies do not have exact release dates yet, expect them to go directly to Blu-Ray, DVD, and digital download throughout 2013.


One Response to “Film: DC Animation Lineup For 2013”

  1. i am going to the theater in an hour wooohoooo

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