Comic Review: Spider-Men #5

  • Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
  • Artist: Sara Pichelli
  • Publisher: MARVEL
  • Orig. Published: September 19, 2012
  • Price: $3.99

The meeting of two wall-crawlers from parallel worlds has come to an end in the somber conclusion to Marvel’s Spider-Men. Spider-Men took us through the unlikely and brief meeting of two Spider-Men from different worlds: Peter Parker, The Amazing Spider-Man from Marvel’s prime 616 universe and Miles Morales, the all new Ultimate Spider-Man from Marvel’s alternate 1610 Ultimate universe. During this brief stint, the two have encountered confusion and come to compromise, battled enemies, met some new people, and saw some familiar faces too. How would Brian Michael Bendis close this legendary meeting? [Note: Some spoilers are in this review]

Spider-Men #5 starts off with Mysterio still plotting after his initial plans were foiled by Peter Parker in Spider-Men #1; The same plans that accidentally transported Spider-Man to the Ultimate universe and on this crazy adventure. What Mysterio doesn’t know is that on the other side, Nick Fury, the Ultimates, and the two Spider-Men are waiting for him to make his move – and he does. While tinkering once again with the portal, Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and the gang are on the other side trying to figure out a way to get him back home. Taking a chance, Parker shoots a web through the portal and wisps Mysterio through to their side on Earth 1610 where he is quickly captured by Spider-Man; but things aren’t solved that quickly.

To make this a fitting conclusion to the series, no doubt there had to be some more action. Mysterio is able to get himself loose fast enough to play one more trick and try destroy the Spider-Men of both worlds. During this battle, Miles tackles Mysterio and is taken to Earth 616 – Parker’s home – for a brief moment until they brawl their way back into the Ultimate world. Finally Mysterio is subdued and finds himself staring down the barrel of Fury’s gun, Thor’s hammer, Hawkeye’s arrow, and more as he is immediately taken into custody by S.H.I.E.L.D.

There weren’t too many profound panels of text and the comic was once again, a little too short for my liking. Still, Bendis managed to pull off a satisfactory and fun meeting of “what if?” between the two worlds. The story concludes with Parker finally making his way back home but not before giving the rookie, Miles, a few words of wisdom when it comes to handling the role of “Spider-Man.” Back in his world, the comic ends with a cliff hanger of sorts where Parker looks up Miles Morales online in his universe. What does he find? With an expression of almost disbelief on his face – we do not find out those results. Instead, the comic concludes the whole min-event with the ever-teasing, “The End??”

Once again, Sara Pichelli did a wonderful job with the art in the comic capturing the clean environments and detailed expressions on the character’s faces giving the comic that edge it needed with the whole series.

While I honestly wished the series would be a little longer and have more details and interaction between Parker, Morales, and the Ultimate side of Parker’s family and friends – Bendis is a busy man with all of his comics and this was still a genuine bit of fan-service. With The Amazing Spider-Man ending this year with issue #700 and no sign of his return [yet] with the Marvel Now reboots, fans of this crossover event are left to wonder if the two characters will ever meet again. Whether they do or they do not, one thing is for sure, their first meeting will be one never to be forgotten.




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