Sony Officially Reveals New, Even Smaller, PlayStation 3 Models

The rumor mills were spinning for a while with leaked images and specs of the new PlayStation 3 “super slim” models. Finally, those rumors have been confirmed as Sony unveiled the new thinner and lighter PS3 at their Tokyo Game Show conference today.

The new PS3 is a top loading system with a sliding disc cover and has been completely redesigned internally. This restructuring of the system has thus resulted in a reduction of the volume and weight by more than half compared to the very first PS3 model, and by 25% and 20% compared to the current “slim” PS3. These are the different models, along with their prices and release dates, that will be available worldwide:

North America

  • September 25: PlayStation 3 250 GB – $269 (bundle)
  • October 30: PlayStation 3 500 GB – $299

Europe/PAL Territories

  • 28th, September: PlayStation 3 500 GB – €299
  • 12th, October: PlayStation 3 Flash Memory 12 GB (expandable HDD optional) – €229


  • October 4: PlayStation 3 500 GB – 29,980 Yen
  • October 4: PlayStation 3 250 GB – 24,980 Yen

You can check out some pictures of the system below:

[nggallery id=103]


The new models will be offered in White and Black in Japan and Black with select bundles in other regions around the globe. Sound off in the comments below! What do you think of the new slimmer PS3? Will you be willing to buy any of them?


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