Comics: Spider-Man, No More? Marvel Ends The Amazing Spider-Man

2012 may not be the end of the world, but it will prove to be the end of one of the longest running comic books in history, the end of an icon, the last chapter of The Amazing Spider-Man. 

According to their most recent solicitations, Marvel will be wrapping up The Amazing Spider-Man comic with issue #700, the final entry into the 50th Anniversary celebration and the last issue of the comic. Marvel’s poster boy hero has seen his ups and down and several spin-offs throughout the ages but still remains one of the most loved and most popular comic book icons in history. This 104 page issue wrapping up the current 50th anniversary storyline and the last issue of the series will hit shelves in December.

[nggallery id=105]
With the ‘Marvel Now’ comics just over the horizon, does the end of The Amazing Spider-Man mean that there will be a relaunch in the NOW era? Only time will tell!

So what do you think? Sound off in the comments below: Is it time for Spider-Man’s story to end? Do you want to see a relaunch? Are you happy or sad that The Amazing Spider-Man is, no more?


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